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Test Rugby Preview: Cyprus v Bosnia Herzegovina 2

Now its Cyprus's turn. The senior men's side is called the Moufflons. A moufflon is a species of wild sheep. A fairly formidible creature by the look of it.

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Rugby has been played in Cyprus since the 1950's mostly, until recently, by British service teams. Since 2004 the local competition was formed and the three teams have thrived since. Cyprus is now an associate member of the IRB and a full member of FIRA-AER. Success and promotion to Division 3C would go a long way towards Cyprus becoming a full member of the IRB.

Cyprus played its first full rugby international test in March of 2007. Their opponent was Greece, long time recognized as the big brother of Cyprus' Greek population. The Greeks were rather shocked at the intensity of the opposition with Cyprus running out winners 39-3!

Action from Cyprus v Greece, first international test played by Cyprus. Cyprus, in the light blue, ran out winners 39-3. Image thanks to

Cyprus was then accepted into ENC 3D. For 2007 the programme of fixtures was played that year in tournament format on the island of Cyprus.Cyprus won against Monaco, Azerbaijan and Slovakia to win the tournament. Cyprus then had to face Israel in Israel in a 3C/3D one-off playoff. Israel proved too strong at home winning 23-14 and thus confining Cyprus in division 3D for the next two years.

So far Cyprus has won its three matches to date; 37-3 against Azerbaijan away, 24-3 over Monaco at home and 33-7 at home against Slovakia. So now it comes down to an away clash against Bosnia Herzegovina to see who lands on top of the points table at the halfway stage.

Cyprus team after playing Azerbaijan. Image thanks to

For a full list of all Cyprus and Bosnia Herzegovina international rugby results go to

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