Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TEST RUGBY: CONSUR A Preliminary Finals

Brazil v Uruguay in Santiago
Uruguay v Chile in Santiago

As most would have predicted the teams playing on the final day of the CONSUR Preliminary round are Chile v Uruguay in the final, and Brazil and Paraguay struggling for 3rd and 4th.

Brazil v Paraguay

In this match last year Brazil overtook Paraguay as the number 4 team in CONSUR. They won 36-21. It looks like it could the same way this year. Brazil lost to Chile 8-31 whilst Paraguay lost to Chile 6-42. Brazil pushed Uruguay in the first game 10-26 whilst Paraguay lost 14-47 to Uruguay in the second round. On those performances, Brazil has the edge.

Prediction: Brazil by 17 points

Chile v Uruguay

This year I see this result ending up differently from last year. Chile has the home ground advantage and that counts for a lot at this level of international rugby. Uruguay has brought the experienced team they had last year.

Prediction: Chile by 10 points

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