Sunday, May 2, 2010


Bermuda v Cayman Islands in Grand Cayman (Friendly)

Venue: South Sound Ground


Five teams from Bermuda will land on the Cayman Islands as part of a special contest between these two nations. Bermuda will field U210, U12, U14 and U16 age group teams along with the senior side. The country with the most matches won takes the Conyers Youth Challenge Cup. The senior game is recognized as a full rugby international.

Of the 22 senior players, only ten went on Bermuda's Caribbean tour last year.

The Caymans has a home and recent history advantage over their visitors.

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2003.10.18 Caymans v Bermuda
When Caymans won 14-0 in 2003 it was a first time win against Bermuda. Image thanks to

Previous Encounters
30.04.2006 Caymans 37-14 in Georgetown (Bermuda Chall. Cup)
11.06.2005 Caymans 12-6 in Nassau (WCQ America R1; Caribbean Nth)
18.10.2003 Caymans 14-0 in Bermuda (Friendly)
1999 Bermuda 22-3 (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
North America Table (NACRA)-Bermuda 4th, Cayman Islands 6th

Prediction: Caymans by 1 point



Bermuda Squad
Dustin Archibald
Lachlan Armour
Edward Barnes
David Bird
Richard Brown
Scott Brown (Mariners)
Jahan Cedenio
Paul Dobinson (Renegades)
Peter Dunkerley (Renegades)
Tom Edwards (Police)
Pieter Erasmus
Thomas Greenslade (Teachers)
Thomas Healy
Richard Holden
Michael Kane
Conor McGlynn (Renegades)
Mark Pomeroy (Mariners)
David Porter (Teachers)
David Rourke (Mariners)
Shauntino Simons
Christopher Way
Neville Zuill (Police)


Cayman Islands squad not yet available.

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