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Uruguay v Argentina 'A' in Santiago



This is a very experienced Argentina Jaguars team that arrives in Santiago. I would expect that Uruguay Friday, and Chile Sunday to have serious troubles containing this side. For the Argentine players many have the prospect of being selected for the full Argentine side to play France and Scotland next month. No fewer than eight players in Argentina 'A' ply their trade in Europe. Uruguay and Chile has a handful between them!

Uruguay performed better than expected against Chile Wednesday. They will be beginning to feel the strain of continuous rugby this week but they do have the advantage of recent match play and time for team skills. In the end I don't these advantages will count for much.

Last Five Encounters
06.11.2009 Argentina XV 55-13 in Buenos Aires
01.11.2009 Argentina XV 54-22 in Cordoba
23.05.2009 Argentina 'A' 33-9 in Montevideo (CONSUR A Final)
31.05.2008 Argentina "A' 43-8 in Montevideo (CONSUR A)
15.05.2005 Argentina XV 27-21 in Buenos Aires (26th S.America Champ.)

Argentina defeated Uruguay 26-0 in an official test in July 2006, as part of the World Cup 2007 qualifying stage.

GWC Rugby Rankings do not apply.

Prediction: Argentina too slick, too good, by 60 points.


Argentina A Squad
Belisario Agulla (Hindú Club)
Horacio Agulla (Brive, France)
Gabriel Ascárate (Natación y Gimnasia Tucumán)
Rodrigo Báez (Liceo R.C)
Lucas Borges (Albi, France)
Rodrigo Bruno (Jockey de Villa María Cordobesa)
Carlos Cáceres (Tucumán Lawn Tennis)
Alejandro Campos (Mountabaun, France)
Matías Cortese (Liceo R.C)
Tomás Cubelli (Belgrano Athletic)
Álvaro Galindo (Racing Metro, France)
Mauricio Guidone (La Plata R.C)
Agustín Guzmán (Tucumán R.C)
Pablo Henn (Brive, France)
Juan José Imhoff (Duendes R.C)
Alfredo Lalanne (London Irish, England)
Marcos Augusto Lobato (Tala R.C)
Francisco Merello (Regatas de Bella Vista)
Ignacio Mieres (Stade Francais, France)
Ramiro Pacheco (Atlético de Rosario)
Luciano Proto (Tucumán Lawn Tennis)
Guillermo Roan (La Plata R.C)
Nicolás Sánchez (Tucuman Lawn Tennis)
Agustín Smidt (La Tablada Cordobesa)
Benjamín Urdapilleta (C.U.B.A.)
Matías Viazzo (Bourgoin, France)

Head Coaches: Daniel Hourcade and Raul Perez

No fewer than eight players ply their trade in France or England

Carlos Arboleya (Trébol Rugby) 1985.07.23, Age 24, 9 tests
Santiago Arocena (Old Christians) 1987.06.19, Age 22, New cap
Nicolas Badano ( Old Boys) 1983.10.06, Age 26, New cap
Edgardo Benitez (Trébol Rugby) 1988.05.15, Age 21. New cap
Matias Braun (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)1987.02.06, Age 23, New cap
Emiliano Caffera (Champagnat) 1978.10.30, Age 31, 25
Alejo Corral (San Isidro, Argentina) 1981.09.11, Age 28, New cap
Martin Crosa (Old Boys)1986.09.08, Age 23, 2
Juan De Freitas (Champagnat) 1989.12.13, Age 20, New cap
Santiago Deicas (Old Christians) 1986.10.31, Age 23, New cap
Ivo Dugonjic (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)1985.06.12, Age 24, 10
Martin Espiga (Old Christians)1985.02.02, Age 25, 9
Matais Fonseca (Los Cuervos)1988.07.25, Age 21, 5
Santiago Gortari (Old Boys) 1989.09.20, Age 20, New cap
Ignacio Grignola (Trébol Rugby) 1982.10.22, Age 27, New cap
Juan Pablo Horta (Old Christians) 1986.10.10, Age 23, 2
Leandro Leivas (Old Christians)1988.07.06, Age 21, 4
Adrian Lewis (Los Cuervos)1988.06.10, Age 21, New cap
Juan Martin Llovet (Old Christians)1985.10.15, Age 24, 13
Diego Lussich (Trébol Rugby) 1985.09.12, Age 24, New cap
Diego Magno (Montevideo Cricket Club)1989.04.27, Age 21, 1
Manuel Martinez (Old Christians) 1984.12.10, Age 25, 1
Gaston Mieres (Los Lobos Rugby)1989.10.05, Age 20, New cap
Nicolas Morales (Trébol Rugby) 1984.04.07, Age 26, 12
Juan Pedro Rombys (Trébol Rugby) 1987.03.05, Age 23, 5
Juan Pablo Ruffalini (Los Cuervos)1989.02.24, New cap

Head Coach: Gonzalo Camardón

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