Saturday, May 15, 2010

INTERNATIONAL RUGBY: Denmark Travels to Slovenia

Denmark v Slovenia in Ljubliana (ENC 3B)

Venue: Oval v Stanežičah

Referee: Mossford (Finland)


It would appear that only Slovenia has a chance of winning this division and thus promotion. Slovenia's main contender, Hungary, is playing Austria today. Denmark will have to play in ENC 3B again for 2010-12. Slovenia's big disappointment of the season was to be eliminated from Rugby World Cup qualifying by lowly Israel. They can make up for that with promotion.

Slovenian coach Dobnicar has plenty of experience in the side with Hocevar now in his 10th year with the side, the return of England-based Harrison (Slovenian grandparents) and the Hostnik brothers who play for Pucara in Argentina. Slovenia are certainly taking their bid to reach ENC 3A very seriously.

Žiga Dobnikar
Slovenian coach Ziga Dobnicar. Image thanks to

Previous Encounters
01.11.2008 Slovenia 25-19 in Odense (WCQ Europe R1, ENC 3B)
25.10.2003 Denmark 21-3 in Odense (ENC 2B)
02.11.2002 Denmark 13-10 in Ljubliana (ENC 2B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Denmark 29th, Slovenia 33rd.

Prediction: Slovenia at home and more to play for, by 7 points



15. Bradley Diamandis (RK Speed) 3 tests
14. Gerard Hounou (RK Speed) 2
13. Andy Nielsen (Aalborg RK) 15
12. Jesper G. Jensen (Lindø RSC) 21
11. Peter Madsen (CSR/Nanok) 8
10. Dominick Wilson (Barnes RFC, England) 21
9. Kenneth Steel (RC Odense) 12
8. Nathanael Smalley (Aarhus RK) 11
7. Johannes Soussan (CSR/Nanok) 14
6. Kristian Riberholdt (Holstebro RK) 7
5. Jonas Haaning (Frederiksberg RK) 32
4. Nicolas Eegholm (Lindø RSC) 2
3. Søren Brobyskov, Capt. (RC Odense) 35
2. Kasper Vad Pedersen (Aarhus RK) 25
1. Niels Bjerg Jensen (CSR/Nanok) 8
16. Niels Gotfredsen (Aarhus RK) 5
17. Matias Dinesen (Frederiksberg RK) 3
18. Stephen Leitch (Aarhus RK) 3
19. Emad Libis (CSR/Nanok) 1
20. Alfi Escarbarte (CSR/Nanok RK) 1
21. Alexander Østergaard (RK Speed)
22. Stefan Sousson (CSR/Nanok)

Head Coach: Chrstopher Adby

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Slovenia Squad
(36 named earlier to be reduced to 22 on match day)
Damjan Ahačič (RK Ljubjana)
Luka Arko (RK Ljubjana)
Boris Brezar (RAK Olimpija)
Žiga Burnik (RK Ljubjana)
Goran Djuratovič (RK Ljubjana)
David Duh (RAK Olimpija)
Peter Gobec (RK Ljubjana)
Simon Gombač (RK Bežigrad)
Marko Gumzej (RK Bežigrad)
Andrew Harrison (Foreign club)
Tit Hočevar (Oxford Harlequins, England)
Alejandro Hostnik (Pucara, Argentina)
Martin Hostnik (Pucara, Argentina)
Iztok Javornik (RK Ljubjana)
Goran Jelenčič (RK Bežigrad)
Damjan Jovič (RK Ljubjana)
Grega Kosanovič (RK Bežigrad)
Peter Kavčič (RK Ljubjana)
Matej Kos (RK Ljubjana)
Žiga Kosi (RK Ljubjana)
Žarko Krsmanovič (RK Ljubjana)
Igor Kukovec (RK Bežigrad)
Urban Magušar (RAK Olimpija)
Darko Maslakovič (RK Ljubjana)
Luka Miklič (RAK Olimpija)
Grega Miljuš (RK Ljubjana)
Luka Potnik (RAK Olimpija)
Luka Recek (RK Bežigrad)
Lovro Sambol (RK Bežigrad)
Klemen Slavec (RK Bežigrad)
Klemen Šobak (RK Ljubjana)
Dali Suljič (Foreign club)
Mirt Suljič (Foreign club)
Anže Troppan (RK Ljubjana)
Borut Završan (RAK Olimpija)
Pavle Žle (RK Ljubjana)

Head Coach: Žiga Dobnikar

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  1. A win for Hungary is enough to seal the promotion spot as they have a better try count in the head-to-head with Slovenia who are the only team who can equal their final points total unless Austria spring a surprise win in Vienna

  2. and we got that surprise win. Now all Slovenia needs to do is defeat Norway next weekend and they go up.