Saturday, May 22, 2010


Finland v Estonia in Viimsi (Friendly)

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Venue: Viimsi Stadium


This match is a semi-official test match as it has not been sanctioned by FIRA-AER. This is probably because Estonia is yet to be a member of the European rugby body. Nevertheless, my Finnish source informs me that both sides will only field eligible players.

Despite that in real terms this will be Estonia's first international rugby test match. Estonia has five clubs listed on their new web site RFC Märjamaa, which has a very flash and informative web site, Paide RFC, Tallin Sharks, Tartu Lelo and the Uudeküla Bulldogs.

In the past Estonia has been more involved with rugby league although the Tallin Sharks has also played rugby union. Last year Latvia played the English Deaf side in Folkstone (where I believe a number of Estonians have established themselves) and lost 21-36.

It is difficult to predict a result, especially as the strength of the Finnish side is not known, although I would be surprised if Finland turned up with their strongest side. Finland came last in FIRA-AER 3C and will play in 3D for 2010-12, the level that Estonia would enter once they are affiliated.

Prediction: Finland by 12 points.


  1. Never been to Estonia and live in Latvia so thought this game was a great excuse to visit Tallinn (and viimsi).

    Estonia 15 - Finland 27

    Estonia had really put in the effort to organize the match and I was told that with approx. 120+ spectators this was the best visited match to date.

    Match was entertaining to watch if you enjoy scrappy 'development' Rugby with loads of passion and desire.

    Finland where clearly the stronger team on the field though their backs where worse than England Blind's.
    Finlands forwards where clearly the rulers of the field having won every single scrum.

    Estonia gave the impression it had no idea how to play Rugby. Offside was Estonia's favourite offence and otherwise the back and forwards alike where unable to read and capitalise on the many mistakes the Finns made.

    Not many big hit moments or stunning plays other than Finland's no.15 being very talented (though a terrible kicker).

    My overal verdict on the match was that the best team won due to stronger forward play and actually understanding what to do.

  2. Fantastic. I may get you to do some writing for this blog.