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Slovenia v Oslo in Oslo (ENC 3B)

Venue: Aksla Stadion, Ålesund

Referee: Kulakoskis (Lithuania)

Previous Encounter
25.04.2009 Slovenia 14-10

'This is the game that will decide promotion from Division 3B. Slovenia need to win or draw the match to overtake Hungary and seal 1st place, a defeat for them means that Hungary win the Division on the head-to-head try count of 7 - 5 as the scores from the two games are equal at 43 - 43. Norway could take 3rd place above Denmark with a win, both teams would have 16 points but Norway have a 5 point advantage from the head-to-head games', so says 'Quentin' at

*This will be the last game in charge for John Chappell the Norway coach and prop Håkon Stengrimsen will retire from international rugby. Erik Lund, who moves to Heineken Cup finalists Biarritz Olympique for next season may be in the Norway squad.
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Thanks again to 'Quentin'.

GWC and IRB Rugby Rankings
GWC Europe Table-Slovenia 29th, Norway 33rd

IRB Points-Slovenia 39.96, Norway 38.21, Norway being two places below Slovenia in just European terms.

Prediction: Slovenia by 9 points



Norway Squad
Kristoffer Borsheim (Stavanger RK)
Thomas Bichard Breaud (Oslo RK)
James Buncle (London Scottish RFC, England)
Alex Diessner (Stavanger RK)
Andreas Fyri (Oslo RK)
Joseph Greenshields (Bergen RK)
Andrei Hanger (Cheltenham RFC, England)
Neal Hughes (Stavanger RK)
William Hume (Bergen RK)
Francis Hunt (Oslo RK)
Stein Ove Kristensen (Trondheim RK)
Timothy Landridge (Tønsberg RK)
Eivind Lunde (Stavanger RK)
Erlend Meldalen (OSI RK)
Pascal Raclin (Oslo RK)
Oliver Rogers (Tunbridge Wells RFC, England)
Stian Røstberg (Bergen RK)
Michael Shelley (Bergen RK)
Fredrik Skovly (Oslo RK)
Andre Slaatta (Bergen RK)
Håkon Stengrimsen (Holstebro RK)

Head Coach: John Chappell


Slovenia Squad
Damjan Ahačič (RK Ljubjana)
Žiga Burnik (RK Ljubjana)
Peter Gobec (RK Ljubjana)
Simon Gombač (RK Bežigrad)
Marko Gumzej (RK Bežigrad)
Andrew Harrison (Foreign club)
Tit Hočevar (Oxford Harlequins, England)
Alejandro Hostnik (Pucara, Argentina)
Iztok Javornik (RK Ljubjana)
Goran Jelenčič (RK Bežigrad)
Damjan Jovič (RK Ljubjana)
Peter Kavčič (RK Ljubjana)
Matej Kos (RK Ljubjana)
Žarko Krsmanovič (RK Ljubjana)
Luka Miklič (RAK Olimpija)
Grega Miljuš (RK Ljubjana)
Lovro Sambol (RK Bežigrad)
Klemen Slavec (RK Bežigrad)
Dali Suljič (Foreign club)
Anže Troppan (RK Ljubjana)
Borut Završan (RAK Olimpija)
Pavle Žle (RK Ljubjana)

Head Coach: Žiga Dobnikar

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