Sunday, May 16, 2010


Paraguay v Uruguay
Chile v Brazil

Thursday's games told us that Uruguay has brought a young developing side. They have at least a dozen of their top players not here. They have either retired or unable to travel. I'd hope that they would be available for the vital clashes coming up. Uruguay will play in this years Churchill Cup before they take on the second Asian side in the World Cup repecharge playoff in July.

Paraguay struggled against hosts Chile last week. They will want to take advantage of a weakened Uruguayan side. On the other hand Brazil will also want to put up a good show against tournament favourites Uruguay ahead of their clash with Paraguay next week. The tournament draw has pitted Uruguay against Chile next week in what will probably be the final. If Brazil or Paraguay can cause an upset it will likely lead to one of them coming second. Second place getting get to face Argentina Jaguars or 'A' a week later in the preliminary final. The winner of that game will face the No.1 team in the Grand Final.

Paraguay v Uruguay

82[1] 24[1]

Last Five Encounters
25.04.2009 Uruguay 85-7 in Montevideo (CONSUR A Preliminary)
30.04.2003 Uruguay 53-7 in Montevideo (24th S.American Championship)
04.05.2002 Uruguay 81-6 in Mendoza (23rd S.American Championship)
06.10.2001 Uruguay 62-8 in Montevideo (22nd S.American Championship)
10.10.1998 Uruguay 93-3 in Asuncion (20th S.American Championship)

Paraguay has never defeated Uruguay since their first game in 1971.

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table-Uruguay 2nd, Paraguay 5th

IRB Ranking Points
Uruguay 60.89
Paraguay 50.93

Prediction: Uruguay by 20 points

Chile v Brazil

48[1] 43[1]

Last Five encounters
25.04.2009 Chile 79-3 in Santiago (CONSUR A Preliminary)
13.10.2005 Chile 57-13 in Sao Paulo (WCQ America R2)
13.04.2002 Chile 46-6 in Sao Paulo (WCQ Americas R3)
15.10.1993 Chile 37-26 in Santiago (17th S.American Championship)
21.08.1991 Chile 23-16 in Santiago (16th S.American Championship)

Brazil has never defeated Chile. The closest they got was at the 3rd South American Championship in 1964, held in Brazil, when they drew 16-16.

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR A Table-Chile 3rd, Brazil 4th

IRB Ranking Points
Chile 57.95
Brazil 54.97

Prediction: Chile by 46 points

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