Thursday, May 13, 2010


Paraguay v Chile in Santiago

Venue: Santiago

Referee: G.Gerbasi (Uruguay)

In last years tournament Chile fielded their reserves and rested players in this game, won 34-13. I'd expect this year for the Chileans to come out firing in their first game of the tournament in front of a home crowd. For Paraguay this could be bad news.

Last Five Encounters
29.04.2009 Chile 34-13 in Montevideo (CONSUR A Preliminary)
08.10.2005 Chile 38-22 in Santiago (WCQ America R2)
03.05.2003 Chile 102-0 in Montevideo (24th S.America Champ.)
28.04.2002 Chile 57-5 in Santiago (23rd S.America Champ.)
27.10.2001 Chile 48-0 in Santiago (22nd S.America Champ.)

Paraguay last defeated Chile back in 1993, when they won 25-24 in Santiago at the 17th S.American Championship. That has been the only time Paraguay has won in test matches going back to 1971.Given Paraguay's scant exposure to rugby outside CONSUR and the few tests they play, I can't see this trend changing.

The Chileans will be under enormous pressure to perform in front of their home crowd. Defeating Brazil and Paraguay should be a given, but the aim would be to defeat Uruguay and thus make the CONSUR final.

2010 coach-Graco
Chilean coach Graco and his team will be under pressure.

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table-Chile 3rd, Paraguay 5th

Prediction: Chile by 42 points



Chile Squad
Oliver Bassa (Universitat Santo Tomas)
Felipe Brangier (Prince of Wales Country Club)
Matias Cabrera (Old Boys)
Aldo Cornejo (Viña R.C.)
Francisco De La Fuente (Auch, France)
Sergio De La Fuente (Old Mackayan's)
Francisco Deformed (Old Mackayan's)
Benjamin Del Solar (Old Boys)
Matias Gamboa (Prince of Wales Country Club)
Philipp Gerhard (Prince of Wales Country Club)
German Herrera (Old John's)
Pablo Huete (Old Boys)
Pablo Llorens (Prince of Wales Country Club)
Paul Marsalli (Univ. Catolica)
Cristian Onet (COBSA)
Rolando Pellerano (Viña R.C.)
Juan Pablo Perrot (Univ. Catolica)
Alejandro Rios (Catholic Univ) (Univ. Catolica)
Diego Sahadi (Univ. Catolica)
Diego Schachner (COBSA)
German Suazo (Stade Francais)
Rodrigo Tobar (Old John's)
Javier Valderrama (Old John's)
Nicolas Veneges (Stade Francais)
Cristobal Westeneck (Manly RFC, Australia)
Claudio Zamorano (Stade Francais)
Head Coach: Daniel Graco
List adapted from and

Not selected from original Training squad
Saloman Diaz ( COBSA)
Manuel Gurruchaga (Old John's)
Farncisco Hurtado (Old George’s)
Alfonso Lepe (Old John's)
Mathieu Manas (Stade Francais)
Luka Salamunic (Old Boys)
Rocardo Sifri (Univ. Catolica)
Ignacio Silva (Stade Francais)
Patricio Valladares (Viña R.C.)
Matias Vergara (Old Boys)
Felipe Yaconi (Old John's)


Sergio Alvarenga (Luque Rugby)
Argaña Diego (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Diego Ayala (Santa Clara)
Juan Ballasch (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Daniel Bittar (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Matias Carbonatti (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Geralt Cutties (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Diego Duarte (Santa Clara)
Alejandro Feldmann (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Fabio Franco (Stramburgo)
Juan Manuel Gabigan (Luque Rugby)
Guillermo Gomez (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Eberhard Heydel (San Jose)
Rodrigo Llamosas (San Jose)
Ariel Lopez (Luque Rugby)
Daniel Nasser (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Horacio Ocampos (Club Universitario de Asunción)
José Otaño (U.S. Cenac, France)
Eduardo Peña (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Martin Pineda (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Juan Portillo (Luque Rugby)
Fernando Recalde (Santa Clara)
Sarubi Francisco (Universidad Autónoma de Asunción)
Alexander Sharman (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Diego Sotelo (University of New Mexico Rugby, USA)
Felix Zarate (Luque Rugby)
Head Coach: Marcelo Gomez

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