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The teams involved in this tournament are Chile (host), Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. The Argentine Jaguars come into the picture later when they play the second placed side from above, and if they win that they play the first placed side. (last year Argentina defeated Chile, then defeated Uruguay in the final)

Brazil v Uruguay (CONSUR A Preliminary)

Venue: Santiago

Referee: J.Vial (Chile)

A number of Uruguay's top players are unavailable either through retirement, or through work commitments. I'd expect a number will return for the World Cup repecharge rounds beginning in June. The two coaches are brothers. Would this be unique in world rugby? Uruguay is on another planet as far as comparing these two teams, but this Uruguayan side has a 'development' look about it, so I'd expect Brazil to get closer than they did in Montevideo last year.

Last Five Encounters
29.04.2009 Uruguay 71-3 in Montevideo (WCQ America R2; CONSUR A Preliminary)
1981 Uruguay 77-0 in Montevideo (S.America Champ.)
1979 Uruguay 48-0 in Santiago (S.America Champ.)
1977 Uruguay 47-15 in Tucuman (S.America Champ.)
1975 Uruguay 38-7 in Asuncion (S.America Champ.)

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table-Uruguay 2nd, Brazil 4th

Prediction: Uruguay by 50 points


Uruguay Squad (DOB)
Carlos Arboleya (Trébol Rugby) 1985.07.23, Age 24, 9 tests
Santiago Arocena (Old Christians) 1987.06.19, Age 22, New cap
Nicolas Badano ( Old Boys) 1983.10.06, Age 26, New cap
Edgardo Benitez (Trébol Rugby) 1988.05.15, Age 21. New cap
Matias Braun (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)1987.02.06, Age 23, New cap
Emiliano Caffera (Champagnat) 1978.10.30, Age 31, 25
Alejo Corral (San Isidro, Argentina) 1981.09.11, Age 28, New cap
Martin Crosa (Old Boys)1986.09.08, Age 23, 2
Juan De Freitas (Champagnat) 1989.12.13, Age 20, New cap
Santiago Deicas (Old Christians) 1986.10.31, Age 23, New cap
Ivo Dugonjic (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)1985.06.12, Age 24, 10
Martin Espiga (Old Christians)1985.02.02, Age 25, 9
Matais Fonseca (Los Cuervos)1988.07.25, Age 21, 5
Santiago Gortari (Old Boys) 1989.09.20, Age 20, New cap
Ignacio Grignola (Trébol Rugby) 1982.10.22, Age 27, New cap
Juan Pablo Horta (Old Christians) 1986.10.10, Age 23, 2
Leandro Leivas (Old Christians)1988.07.06, Age 21, 4
Adrian Lewis (Los Cuervos)1988.06.10, Age 21, New cap
Juan Martin Llovet (Old Christians)1985.10.15, Age 24, 13
Diego Lussich (Trébol Rugby) 1985.09.12, Age 24, New cap
Diego Magno (Montevideo Cricket Club)1989.04.27, Age 21, 1
Manuel Martinez (Old Christians) 1984.12.10, Age 25, 1
Gaston Mieres (Los Lobos Rugby)1989.10.05, Age 20, New cap
Nicolas Morales (Trébol Rugby) 1984.04.07, Age 26, 12
Juan Pedro Rombys (Trébol Rugby) 1987.03.05, Age 23, 5
Juan Pablo Ruffalini (Los Cuervos)1989.02.24, New cap
Head Coach: Gonzalo Camardón

Brazil Squad


Front Row
01.Ramiro Daniel Mina (C) (Bandeirantes RC)
02.Daniel Xavier Danielewicz (Desterro RC)
03.Gabriel Lombello Bueno (San Jose)
04.Ian Korolkovas (Bandeirantes RC)
Henrique César 05.Júlio FIGAL
Second Line
06.Antônio Górios (Rio Branco RC)
07.Reges Comoretto Portela (Desterro RC)
08.Marcelo Tessari Danesin (RR Ribeirão)
09.Pedro Sorribes Rosa (Bandeirantes RC)
Third Line
10.Danilo Wood Taino (Ilhabela)
11.Diego Martins Giménez López (AC Pasteur)
12.Henrique Dantas Pinto (San Jose)
13.João Luiz da Ros (Desterro RC)
14.Lucas Piero Celestino T. de Moraes (Desterro RC)


Scrum Halves
15.Felipe CALRE St. Anne Silva (SPAC)
16.Leandro Castiglioni Amaral (SPAC)
Fly Half
17.Lucas Rodrigues Duque (São José)
18.Fernando Henry Jungers Portugal (Bandeirantes RC)
19.Felipe Bezian Zeni (Pasteur AC)
20.Moisés Rodrigues Duque (São José)
21.Paulo Ricardo Souza (Ilhabela)
Wings and Fullbacks
22.Daniel Hubert Gregg (Niterói RFC)
23.David Grael Vasconcellos Dias (Niterói RFC)
24.Fernando Aurélio Bueno Martins (São José)
25.Gustavo Badino Krahembuhl (Pasteur AC)
26.Philip Theodor Veeren Ramos (Desterro RC)
Coach: Rodrigo Camardón

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