Saturday, May 15, 2010

RUGBY TEST MATCH: Hungarians in Vienna

Hungary v Austria in Vienna (ENC 3B)

Venue: Sportklubplatz

Referee: Goffinet (Belgium)


Top team plays bottom team on home turf. A situation fraught with danger for the visitors. If you recall Austria won 9-6 back in 2008 here in Vienna. That win pushed a very disappointed Hungarian team away from promotion.

For today, which team has the most to fight for? From 'Quentin' at "A win for Hungary is enough to seal the promotion spot as they have a better try count in the head-to-head with Slovenia who are the only team who can equal their final points total unless Austria spring a surprise win here". Slovenia has a game in hand.

No matter the result Austria will be relegated to ENC 3C for 2010-12. A win would not give them enough points to overtake Norway. Three years ago Austria was in Division 3A. Now they slide further to 3C. What is happening in Austrian rugby?

During the week Austrian rugby was surprised by George Kaiser's announcing his retirement after a decade and more than 50 tests for Austria. There is some doubt over Krauchenberg’s position as he was injured at training.

Last Five Encounters
18.04.2009 Hungary 25-13 in Estergom (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3B)
08.06.2008 Austria 9-6 in Vienna (ENC 3B)
21.04.2007 Hungary 27-5 in Dunaujvaros (ENC 3A)
29.04.2000 Hungary 48-18 in Budapest (FIRA D1)
10.04.1999 Austria 33-7 in Vienna (FIRA Pool B)

Hungary hasn't won in Vienna for a good many years. (My data base does not have venues for some of the earlier Austria-Hungary test matches)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Hungary 30th, Austria 32nd

Prediction: Hungary's first win in Austria for a long time, by 6 points



15. Max Navas (RC Donau)
14. Nicola Bignotti (AC BB, France)
13. Martin Leidl (RC Wombats Wr. Neustadt)
12. Rudi Glock (RC Donau)
11. Paul Hruschka Capt. (RC Wombats Wr. Neustadt)
10. Alexis Rigaud (RC Stade Viennois)
9. Valentin Richter (?)
8. Amir Yassari (RC Stade Viennois)
7. Ferdinand Richter (Vallee du Girou, France)
6. Alexander Krauchenberg (RC Donau)
5. Clemens Kaindl (RC Stade Viennois)
4. Andreas Gaul (RC Donau)
3. Max Müller (RC Stade Viennois)
2. Milad Farkhondeh Fal (RC Stade Viennois)
1.Wilfried Payer (RC Reichenhall, Germany)
Sebastian Borer (RC Donau)
Alberto Gomez Novak (RC Stade Viennois)
Christoph Forchtner (RC Donau)
Sebastian Freydell (RC Donau)
Mushegh Aslanyan (Vienna Celtic RFC)
Michael Kerschbaumer (RC Donau)
Julian Zöchling (?)

Head Coach: Gael Mouysset


Team not yet known

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