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TEST RUGBY RESULTS: Saturday 24 April

Moldova 28, Ukraine 19 in Anenii-Noi (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
Belgium 29, Poland 8 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
Hong Kong 32, Korea 8 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
Kazakhstan 40, Arabian Gulf 28 in Almaty (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
Croatia 16, Netherlands 14 in Split (ENC 2B)
Malta 27, Latvia 10 in Paola (ENC 2B)
Lithuania 77, Serbia 5 in Pancevo (ENC 3A)
Denmark 24, Austria 13 in Odense (ENC 3B)
Bulgaria 18, Greece 15 in Pernik (ENC 3C)-Updated 26.04.2010

Well now! Talk about upsets. The form book was thrown out as favoured teams were toppled on Saturday.

Moldova started it all by defeating Ukraine in front of their home crowd. With the Division 2A trophy already in their hands (they were actually awarded the title officially after the game) the Ukraine were promptly defeated.

In a close game in Split the home team were leading 16-9 towards the end before the Netherlands scored to give them the necessary points and promotion. So far the results suggest some very even divisions. Perhaps it's time to rethink how the ENC is being run. An article on this coming up soon.

Belgium were too good at home for Poland. The Moldova-Poland match is now crucial to decide promotion-relegation.

Lithuania walked all over Serbia away and so achieved its 18th successive test match victory and a new world record. They next challenge the Ukraine in the next stage of Rugby World Cup qualifying. I think the Ukrainians must be a little concerned.

Malta defeated Latvia at home whilst Denmark were too strong for Austria at home. The Greece-Bulgaria result is not yet known.

And another upset. Hong Kong easily defeated Korea 32-8 at home in a Major upset. After a good tussle Kazakhstan finally overcame The Arabian Gulf by 40-28. Apart from Japan, Asia5Nations look interestingly even so far. The battle for 2nd place and a chance for a 2011 Rugby World Cup finals place is on!

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