Saturday, April 24, 2010

ASIA 5 NATIONS: Korea Travels to Hong Kong

Korea v Hong Kong in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)



Korea has proved too strong for Hong Kong in recent encounters. They have a young squad, a rebuilding time for the Koreans.

If Hong Kong is going to place itself within striking distance of Japan and Kazakhstan for the vital 2nd place in this competition they must defeat Korea today.

Previous Encounters
09.05.2009 Korea 36-34 in Seoul (Asia5Nations)
24.05.2008 Korea 50-24 in Hong Kong (Asia5Nations)
27.05.2007 Hong Kong 27-20 in Hong Kong (Asia Nations Div.1)
21.11.2006 Korea 23-5 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R5; 20th Asia Champ.;Div.1)
22.05.2005 Korea 51-3 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia Qualification, Div.1)

Korea first played Hong Kong back in 1972, in the 3rd Asia Championship. Hong Kong won 18-6

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Korea 3rd, Hong Kong 4th

Prediction: Hong Kong by 3 points


Korea Squad
An, Seak Yung 4/24/1988, Age 22, 178cm 78kg
Bae, Chang Whan 12/08/1986, Age 23, 183cm 95kg
Choi, Si Won 04/05/1986, Age 24, 185cm 85kg
Han, Kun Kyu 01/22/1987, Age 23, 186cm 105kg
Im, Jeong Min 11/21/1988, Age 21, 191cm 100kg
Jeon, Chi Do 05/30/1987, Age 22, 183cm 91kg
Jeong, Gyeong Won 10/10/1986, Age 23, 180cm 115kg
Kim, Hobum 12/10/1990, Age 19 198cm 115kg
Kim, Jeong Min 03/15/1983, Age 27, 180cm 90kg
Kim, Jong Wook 11/20/1983, Age 26, 174cm 100kg
Kim, Sung Whan 07/15/1986, Age 23, 182cm 105kg
Kim, Won Yong 01/05/1986, Age 24, 174cm 80kg
Kwon, Oh Yong 04/28/1989, Age 21, 193cm 100kg
Lee, Kwang Moon 08/04/1983, Age 27, 188cm 100kg
Noh, Byung Kwan 02/22/1985, Age 25, 178cm 85kg
Oh, Sinam 02/28/1988, Age 22, 180cm 95kg
Oh, Youn Hyung 10/29/1984, Age 25, 178cm 81kg
Park, Jong Yeul 03/05/1991, Age 18, 182cm 128kg
Park, Wan Yong 06/02/1984, Age 25, 170cm 77kg
Yang, Young Hoon 12/06/1980, Age 29, 175cm 79kg
Yoo, Chul Kyu 13/04/1982, Age 28 175cm 80kg
You, Young Nam 10/13/1983, Age 26, 191cm 192kg
Youn, Kwon Woo 01/23/1985, Age 25, 185cm 110kg
Head Coach: Kim, Myung Joo
Assistant Coach: Han, Young Hoon

Thanks to Yun, Ja young, Korea Rugby Union

Hong Kong

15 Simon Hempel (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
14 Colin Bisley (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
13 Leung, Ho Yan (Simon), Capt (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
12 Alexander McQueen (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
11 Nigel Clarke (DeA Rugby Club)
10 Timothy Alexander (Valley Rugby Club
9 Keith Robertson (DeA Rugby Club)
8 Yiu Kam Shing, Salom (Valley Rugby Club
7 Mark Wright (Hong Kong Football Club)
6 Nick Hewson (Valley Rugby Club
5 Nigel Hobler (Hong Kong Football Club)
4 Charles French (Hong Kong Football Club)
3 Jon Abel (DeA Rugby Club)
2 Rowan Varty (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
1 Peter Spizziri (Hong Kong Football Club)
16 Renaud Chavanis (Valley Rugby Club
17 Ng, Wai Shing, (Valley Rugby Club
18 Kwok, Ka Chun (Kowloon Rugby Football Club)
19 Jack Bennett (Valley Rugby Club
20 So, Hok Ken (Kowloon Rugby Football Club)
21 Thomas McQueen (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
22 James Kibble ( Hong Kong Football Club)

Head Coach: Dai Rees

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