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INTERNATIONAL RUGBY: Battle For A Place in the Rugby World Cup Continues

Ukraine v Czech Republic in Prague (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)

Venue: Stadium Josef Kohout, Říčany

Referee: Raduta (Romania)

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The Czechs would have been very disappointed with their loss to Belgium last weekend. That was a match both teams needed to win. The win went to Belgium and emphasised the closeness of the competition at this level. There is the possibility of a place in the 2011 Rugby World Cup finals at stake. The winner of this division will playoff against Lithuania to see who will play Romania, winner of ENC 1.

This division will increase it's number to six for the 1010-12 competition, which means Germany, being relegated from ENC 1 will join this group, last place stays put, whilst the 6th side will be promoted from ENC 2B.

A number of Czech France-based players have returned for this game. Especially important is the inclusion of one of the Czechs best players Robert Noves. These are experienced players and their absence was felt last weekend. The team this week has a solid look about it. They face a Ukrainian outfit poised ready to win this division.

The Ukrainians are well out in front on the table above. Belgium looks like the only team who can get near. A loss today will mean the Ukraine's return match against Moldova will be a crucial win. A win today will leave the issue no longer in doubt. The Ukraine will win this division.

2010.04.03 Czech Rep. v Belgium
Czech Republic lost 16-19 to Belgium last weekend. Image thanks to

Last Five Encounters
21.03.2009 Ukraine 20-10 in Odessa (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
05.11.2005 Czech Republic 46-8 in Odessa (ENC 1)
12.03.2005 Czech Republic 42-5 in Prague (ENC 1)
03.11.2001 Czech Republic 26-8 in Prague (WCQ/FIRA Europe R2, Pool A)
14.10.2000 Czech Republic 35-3 in Prague (FIRA B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Ukraine 13th, Czech Republic 15th

Prediction: Ukraine by 7 points



Czech Republic Squad
Jan Benda (RC Sparta Praha)
Josef Bláha (RC Říčany)
Jiří Buryánek (RC Dragon Brno)
Petr Čížek (RC Praga Praha)
Tomáš Heller (RC Slavia Praha)
Tomáš Holovský (St. Raphael, France)
Martin Jágr (Union Bordeaux-Begles, France)
Michal Jirman (RC Slavia Praha)
Milan Jirman (RC Slavia Praha)
Václav Jursík (RC Strasbourg, France)
Ondřej Kutil (US Oyonnax, France)
Petr Okleštěk (RC Auxerre, France)
Karel Opravil (RC Brno Bystrc)
Vachtang Pailodze (RC Sparta Praha)
Michal Průša (Bellegrade, France)
Jan Rohlík (RC Říčany)
Jiří Skall (RC Sparta Praha)
Irakli Sulamanidze (RC Sparta Praha)
Roman Šuster (FC Auch, France) prop
Pavel Vokrouhlík (RC Sparta Praha)
Robert Voves (RC Narbonne, France)
Martin Wognitsch (US Oyonnax, France)
Head Coach: Martin Kafka ... -ukrajinou


Ukraine Squad
Evigney Chaika (RC Kredo 63)
Sergei Garkavy (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Vladyslav Grabovsky (RK Sokol)
Nikolai Kirsanov (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Vadim Kolyshkin (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleg Kosarev (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Vyacheslav Krasylnyk (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Maksym Kravchenko (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleg Lytvynenko (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleksandr Lomakin (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Dmytro Mokretsov (RK Sokol)
S. Monastyrev(RC Aviator)
Jaba Malaguradze (RC Kredo 63)
Pavlo Masyukov (RCKredo-63)
Andrei Melnikov (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleksandr Myshynev (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Vadym Mysyk (Olimp-Electronmash, Tiraspol)
Dmytro Mukhin (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleksandr Polyansky (RC Kredo 63)
Vyacheslav Ponomarkenko (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Ruslan Radchuk (RC Kredo 63)
Serhiy Sukhykh (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleksandr Tsapenko (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Serhiy Tserkovny (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Maksym Tyurikov (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Sergei Yanchiy (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Nazar Zozulya (Obolon-University)
HeadCoach: Valeri Kochanov

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