Saturday, April 10, 2010

RUGBY TEST MATCH: Serbians Travel to Abovian

Serbia v Armenia in Abovian (ENC 3A)


Referee: Tomas Tuma (Czech Republic)



In this level of competition it's a question of who will be relegated now that Lithuania are in a clear lead. All four other teams are in danger of relegation although Serbia is in least danger. Until today that is! It has been a topsy turvy right old battle between the four teams. There has been unexpected victories and unbelievable defeats. Both today's sides must win!

Serbia' situation does not look good for today's game. They are travelling with only twenty players and they face and Armenian team difficult to defeat at home and buoyed by their 26-17 win over Andorra last weekend.

It's going to be a right old ding dong encounter.

Previous Encounters
13.09.2008 Armenia 41-0 in Smederevo (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 3A)
25.05.2008 Serbia 19-8 in Belgrade (ENC 3A)
10.05.2008 Armenia 25-0 in Yerevan (ENC 3A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Armenia 24th, Serbia 26th

Prediction: Armenia by 14 points.



Serbia Squad
Dalibor Antić (Kruševac)
Arsić (KBRK Belgrade) *
Uroš Babić (RK Pobednik Belgrade)
Bogdanović (Kruševac) *
V. Dejanović (RK Partizan) *
Vladimir Đukić (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Miloš Joksimović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Jovanovski (RK Partizan)
Marko Kapor (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Boris Martić (KBRK Belgrade)
Milos Milanko (Žarkovo)
Milan Orlović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Aleksandar Petrović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Branimir Petrović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Milan Rastovac (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Ivan Rodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Nemanja Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Nikola Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Branko Vojvodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Miladi Zivanov (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Head Coach: Žagar Kristijan

Dejan Tasić and Nenad Matejić of RK Partizan unable to travel at the last minute after selection.

* indicates players not previously on any of my lists-possibly new caps.


Armenia Squad not available

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