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Sweden v Denmark in Copenhagen (Friendly)

Venue: RK Speed Stadium

Referee: ?

This now to become annual friendly gives these two rugby nations an opportunity to flex their muscles before they tackle their ENC Spring matches.

Sweden is in ENC 2B and is struggle near the bottom of the table. They spent early February at a training camp in Spain which culminated in a friendly non-test match against Catalonia, 14 February, which they won 21-17. Their important match will be on 17 April against Latvia away, who are just two points above them. Sweden's only other game is on 1 May when they play competition title contender Croatia at home.

Denmark plays in ENC 3B, two divisions below the Swedes. Along with three other teams, Hungary, Norway and Slovenia, the Danes are in contention for the title of that division and promotion to ENC 3A. Just two points off the two leading sides, their next competition game, against lowly Austria at home, will be a crucial game they must win. Following that game they have a tough game away against Slovenia on the 15th May.

Sweden has the historical advantage over the Danes by winning all the contests since 2001. This was at a time when both teams played in the same division until 2007 when Sweden were promoted and the Danes relegated. There is now a possibility that both teams could be in ENC 3A for 2010-12

Last Five Encounters
03.11.2007 Sweden 8-6 in Helsingborg (ENC 3A)
28.10.2006 Sweden 23-13 in Odense (ENC 3A)
05.11.2005 Sweden 16-14 in Helsingborg (ENC 3A)
27.10.2001 Denmark 33-21 in Copenhagen (ENC 2B)
31.10.1998 Denmark 19-9 in Copenhagen (FIRA A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Sweden 22nd, Denmark 29th

Prediction: The Swedes will be better prepared but have the away disadvantage. I expect them to win by 8 points.



Denmark Spring Squad
Søren Brobyskov (CSR/Nanok)
Bradley Diamandis (RK Speed)
Mathias Dinesen (Frederiksberg RK)
Nicolas Engholm (CSR/Nanok)
Alfie Escabarte (CSR/Nanok)
Niels Gotfredsen (Aarhus RK)
Andy Grantham (Aarhus RK)
Jonas Haaning (Frederiksberg RK)
Dodji Hanoou (RK Speed)
Gerard Hounou (RK Speed)
Stephen James Leitch (Aarhus RK)
Jesper Jensen (Lindø)
Niels Bjerg Jensen (CSR/Nanok)
Henrik Jacobsen (Aarhus RK)
Oliver Le Roux (Hamlet RC)
Peter Madsen (CSR/Nanok)
Sylvester Michaelsen (Aalborg)
Rasmus Mortensen (Aarhus RK)
Andy Nielsen (Aalborg)
Christian B.Nielsen (Holstebro)
Alex Østergaard (RK Speed)
Kasper Vad Pedersen (RK Speed)
Kristian Riberholdt )Holstebro)
Nathanael Smalley (Aarhus RK)
Johannes Soussan (CSR/Nanok)
Henry Stafford (Barnes RFC, England)
Dennis Stark (RK Speed)
Kristoffer Vandborg (Frederiksberg RK)
Dominick Wilson (Barnes RFC, England)
Emad ? (CSR/Nanok)
Head Coach: Christopher Adby

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Sweden Squad
Thomas Ardvisson (Bordeaux, France)
Ivar Bengtsson (Hammarby IF Rugby)
Tobias Borg (Enköping RK)
Andrew Daish (Nuneaton RFC, England)
Eric Faithful (Enköping RK)
Ian Gowland (Stockholm Exiles RFC)
Matthias Thor Hard (Hammarby IF Rugby)
Linus Hector Vänersborg
Richard Jackson (Hammarby IF Rugby)
Timothy Jackson (Enköping RK)
Magnus MacDonald (London Scottish, England)
Paul Mathews (Spartacus RUFC)
Robert Nave (Enköping RK)
Ricky Okpu (Enköping RK)
Richard Örnberg (Vänersborg RK)
Viktor Pettersson (Enköping RK)
Lee Sandberg (North Walsham RFC, England)
Alexander Taylor, Capt. (Nuneaton RFC, England)
Sebastian Taylor (Old Haberdashers RFC, England)
Jim Wetterström (Enköping RK)
Peter Wiklund (Vänersborg RK)
Matthew Youngman (Enköping RK)
Head Coach: Mike Tatu

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For a complete list of all rugby test matches played by these two teams go to

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