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TEST MATCH RUGBY: Lithuanians Have An Eye On Record

Lithuania v Serbia in Pancevo (ENC 3A)

Venue: Sports Center "Mladost"

Referee: Zeszustek (Poland)

The world record for the most consecutive test match wins is seventeen held jointly by South Africa and New Zealand. If Lithuania wins this game they will hold the new record. This amazing run began in October 2006 with a 37-15 win against Norway. Since then their victories has included a 6-3 upset win over the Netherlands in June last year in a World Cup qualifying game. Lithuania still has a chance of reaching the 2011 Rugby World Cup finals although the strength of the teams will be a lot stronger that what they have so far encounted. But that is all in the furure. Being the favourites against Serbia, the World record looks theirs.

Lithuania played two warm up unofficial tests against Latvia for the Baltic Cup. Lithuania won both 3 April 51-12 in Klaipedia, and 10 April 41-3. Lithuania's game against Switzerland had to be postponed due to volcanic ash preventing flights in Europe.

Serbia rests in the middle of the points table. They cannot win this division and they are not in any threat of relegation. What they will be trying to do is to gain a valuable win against one of Europe's up and coming teams.

Previous Encounter
02.05.2009 Lithuania 50-9 in Vilnius (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 3A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Lithuania 18th, Serbia 26th

Prediction: Lithuania by 20 points



Serbia Squad
Dalibor Antić (Kruševac)
Arsić (KBRK Belgrade)
Uroš Babić (RK Pobednik Belgrade)
Bajić (RK Dinamo)
Bogdanović (Kruševac)
V. Dejanović (RK Partizan)
Doroški (RK Partizan)
Vladimir Đukić (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Miloš Joksimović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Jovanovski (RK Partizan)
Boris Martić (KBRK Belgrade)
Medić (RK Partizan)
Milos Milanko (RK Žarkovo)
Milan Orlović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Aleksandar Petrović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Branimir Petrović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Ivan Rodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Nemanja Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Nikola Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Branko Vojvodić (KBRK Belgrade)
G. Vuković (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Miladi Zivanov (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Zogović (RK Kruševac)

Head Coach: Žagar Kristijan

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Lithuania Squad
Marius Andrijauskas (Peterborough RFUC, England)
Tomas Astrauskas (RK Šiauliai)
Rokas Daknys (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Ignas Darkintis (Enköpings RK, Sweden)
Mindaugas Grigas (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Vilius Kucinas (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Ignas Liukinevičius (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Gediminas Liutkus (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Gediminas Marcišauskas (Peterborough RFUC, England)
Kęstutis Marcišauskas (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Andrius Martinskas (Enköpings RK, Sweden)
Mindaugas Misevičius (C) (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Darius Nosys (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Egidijus Petronis (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Audrius Ramančionis (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Evaldas Štitilis (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Gediminas Švoba (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Laurynas Tipelis (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Justas Vasliauskas (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Tomas Zibolis (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Edvardas Zilius (Vairas, Šiauliai)

Head Coach:

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