Saturday, April 3, 2010


Andorra v Armenia in Abovyan (ENC 3A)

Venue: Abovyan City Stadium

Referee: Petrescu (Romania)

The battle to avoid relegation begins in the Armenian city of Abovian. Four out of the five teams are possible contenders for relegation to ENC 3B for 2010-12. Lithuania is way out on front and cannot be overtaken.

It's difficult to gauge the strength of these two teams as there is almost no current information on the internet. Andorra caused a major upset when these teams met in the first round. Andorra won by 36-10 against a team that had held the Lithuanians to a narrow loss only weeks earlier. This has been the only encounter between these two nations.

Recent tests by these two teams would indicate Andorra has an advantage. Andorra defeated Serbia 21-7 in November whilst Andorra lost 0-18 to Switzerland. Armenia does not do well in their away games but are a tough team at home. They lost by only 5 points to Lithuania at home and won well against Switzerland at home. But Andorra is playing away, Armenia has home advantage, a big factor at this level of international rugby.


GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Andorra 24th, Armenia 27th

Prediction: Armenia has it's back to the wall and will be tough at home. It is reported that Andorra will not be sending their strongest side away. A win to Armenia by 7 points.

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