Saturday, April 17, 2010

RUGBY TEST MATCH: Malta Face Netherlands

Malta v Netherlands in Amsterdam (ENC 2B)

Venue: National Stadium

Referee: Gallastegi (Spain)

2010.04.17 Netherlands v Malta
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Disruptions to flight travel in England, caused by the massive volcanic activity in Iceland, meant the Maltese rugby team travelled to the Netherlands by coach. The team travelled from Cirencester RFC, where they have been in training this week, to Calais, and then on to the Netherlands, where they arrived arriving mid night Thursday.

This test match is the second in ENC Division 2B this weekend. As a result the promotion and relegation of teams for the 2010-12 ENC series should be known. Malta is safe enough away from relegation but not close enough to the Netherlands for this result to hold much sway.

The Netherlands defeated Malta 27-9 in their away match. They also walloped Latvia 57-3 earlier in the season and should account for the visitors fairly easily.

Previous Encounter
25.04.2009 Netherlands 27-9 in La Valette (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Netherlands 19th, Malta 21st

Prediction: Netherlands by 24 points



Malcolm Attard
Michael Bonavia
Robert Bonavia
Peter Bradley
Dominic Busuttil (Captain)
Matthew Camilleri-New cap
Clayton Cassarr
Joseph Cutajar
James Finlason
Matthew Garrett
Nathan Gatt
Robert Holloway-New cap
Thomas Holloway-New cap
Josua Howland
Michael McCardle
Matthew Mirabelli
Alistair Livesey-New cap
Thomas Pace More
James O’Brien
Oliver Sacco
Charlie Sammut-New cap
Luke Watts
Michael Whitney
Head Coach: Damien Niell

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Netherlands Squad
Jordi Bonhof (LRC DIOK)
Jayjay Boske (RC Hilversum)
Costin Buburuzan (RC The Dukes)
Koen Buseman (Hague RC)
Bas Cornelisse (RC 't Gooi)
Vincent Grimbergen (LRC DIOK)
Tjebbe Jehee (LRC DIOK)
Allard Jonkers (RC 't Gooi)
Jason Knox (RC 't Gooi)
Leon Koenen (LRC DIOK)
Roy Leijen (RC 't Gooi)
Fedde Lingsma (RC Hilversum)
Mer Loose (LRC DIOK)
Rob Holt Rhine (RC Hilversum)
Rik Roovers (RC Etten-Leur)
Roger Scheffer (LRC DIOK)
Tim Schumacher (LRC DIOK)
Maurice Stahlecker (RC Hilversum)
Floris van Pane (RC 't Gooi)
Miquel van der Cruijsen (RC 't Gooi)
Sep Visser (RC Hilversum)
Anton Werth (RC 't Gooi)
Head Coach: Hugues Dispas


  1. 19-0 to Netherlands. Netherlands remain undefeated but Croatia has a game in hand. Next weeks Croatia v Netherlands game is vital.