Saturday, April 24, 2010

RUGBY TEST: Balkan Neighbours Clash

Greece v Bulgaria in Pernik (ENC 3C)


Referee: Grumbinas (Lithuania)

Both these teams suffered defeat at the hands of Israel who will win this division and move to ENC 3B for 2010-12. Neither team is in any danger of relegation so it will all be a question of national pride, something that won't be missing in this clash of the Balkan neighbours.

Previous Encounter
11.04.2009 Greece 41-18 in Alexandroupoli (WCQ Europe R1; EMC 3C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Greece 34th, Bulgaria 35th

Prediction: Greece by 7 points



Bulgaria Squad
Svetoslav Odadzhiyski (RC National S.A.) born 1984, age 25

Svetoslav Blagoev (Lokomotiv RC) born1986, age 24
Hristian Ivanov (Lokomotiv RC) born1986, age 24
Petar Nikolov (RC National Sports Academy) born 1990, age 19
Ivaylo Ivanov (RC National Sports Academy) born1987, age 22
Lyudmil Zlatkov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born1988, age 21

Fly half
Vasil Borisov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born 1990, age 19
Radoslav Damyanov (Varna RC) born 1985, age 24

Scrum half
Georgi Sotirov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born 1972, age 37
Martin Stoyanov (Varna RC) born 1989, age 20

Antonio Ivanov (Varna RC) born1969, age 40

Krasimir Angelov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born 1982, age 29
Asen Asenov (RC National Sports Academy) born 1978, age 31
Martin Todorov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born1988, age 21

Brice Benelli (Lokomotiv RC) born 1985, age 24
Yavor Dragnev (Varna RC) born 1977, age 32

Front Row
Danail Andreev (RC National Sports Academy) born 1983, age 26
Momchil Kamburov(RC National Sports Academy) born 1976, age 34
Roman Para (RC National Sports Academy) born 1982, age 27
Tihomir Simeonov (Lokomotiv RC) born 1974, age 35

Simeon Georgiev (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born 1985, age 24
Vladislav Parizov (Lokomotiv RC) born 1980, age 29

Head Coach: Lyudmil Stankov

Changes from squad v Greece
Momchil Kamburov in for Plamen Iliev
Svetoslav Blagoev in for Daniel Simeonov (Scrum half)
Hristian Ivanov in for Daniel Simeonov (Centre)


Greece Squad details not yet available

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