Saturday, April 17, 2010

TEST RUGBY IN ASIA: Asia Nations Division 1 Relegation Battle

Malaysia v China Taipei in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1; Playoff 3rd-4th)

Venue: Yio Chu Kang Stadium


This is a crunch match for both teams. The loser will drop down to Asia Nations Division 2. Malaysia were only just defeated by Singapore on Wednesday whilst China Taipei found the going tough against Sri Lanka. Historically China Taipei has had an advantage over Malaysia but this Malaysian side has a number of Fijian expats in the side which would give them a physical advantage.

Last Five Encounters
21.06.2003 China Taipei 54-0 in Kuala Lumper (Asia Tournament, Pool B)
20.12.1997 China Taipei 51-13 in Tainan (WCQ Asia Round B)
24.10.1994 China Taipei 23-15 in Kuala Lumper (14th Asia Championship)
23.11.1986 China Taipei 48-0 in Bangkok (10th Asia Championship)
12.11.1976 Malaysia 16-13 in Tokyo (5th Asia Championship)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-China Taipei 8th, Malaysia 9th

Prediction: Malaysia by 5 points



Malaysia Squad
Mohd Khuzaidi Bin Abdullah
Mohd Mohsin Bin Abdullah
Mohd Nazri Ahmad
Adnan Bin Awang
Mohd Fitri Bin Azhar
Mohd Khairul Azhar
Ahmad Farhan Bin Azizan
Mohd Farid Syazwan Bin Abu Bakar
Ahmadi British
James Imran Miller Bin Hamidon
Mohd. Amin Jamaluddin
Dineswaran Krishnan
Nik Safuan Ismade Nik Man
Timoci Nakocula
Mohamad Nazeer Bin Mohamed Nesharah
Kini Rasolosolo
Naivaluoni Raturibi
Mohd Syazwan Bin Mohd Salim
Khairul Nizar Bin Samsudin
Mohd Faiz Bin Shamsukidir
Nacani Seniu
Semi Seru
Shahizam Bin Tukiran
Isoa Vuluma Turwa
Head Coach: Dean Herewini

Squad list thanks to Hashimi, Malaysia RFU


China Taipei Squad
Chen, Cheng-Yang DOB 1988.04.04 Age 22
Chen, Hao-Ming DOB 1989.06.11 Age 20
Chen, Kuo-Lun DOB 1990.12.10 Age 20
Cheng, Ya-Lun DOB 1984.12.02 Age 26
Chiang, Chieh-Yu DOB 1987.12.12 Age 23
Chou, Hih-Han DOB 1986.06.16 Age 23
Hsieh, Tung-Ching DOB 1990.04.22 Age 19
Hung, Chi-Hsiang DOB 1978.04.11 Age 32
Hung, Ching-Che DOB 1990.03.05 Age 20
Hung, Pen-Chiao DOB 1987.12.25 Age 22
Ku, Chao-Hung DOB 1984.11.28 Age 25
Liao, Chia-Feng DOB 1984.04.20 Age 25
Lin, Cheng-Hsiung DOB 1985.01.27 Age 25
Lin, Chia-Wei DOB 1987.04.25 Age 22
Lin, Po-Han DOB 1982.08.18 Age 27
Lin, Wen-Cheng DOB 1980.05.19 Age 29
Liu, Ta-Cheng DOB 1990.05.06 Age 19
Lu, Wei-Fan DOB 1988.07.16 Age 21
Shu, Ching-Chiang DOB 1985.02.25 Age 25
Tien, Sheng-Chieh DOB 1984.10.22 Age 25
Tsai, Wang-Hsiang DOB 1990.04.23 Age 19
Wang, Yu-Hsiang DOB 1990.06.06 Age 19
Wu, Chih-Ching DOB 1976.09.04 Age 33
Wu, Tsu-Te DOB 1987.10.13 Age 22

Head Coach: Hung, Zon-Hua

Thanks to China-Taipei RFU

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  1. China Taipei is relegated to Asia Nations Div.2 for 2011. There was a time when CT could defeat Korea and even threaten Japan. Not at present! China Taipei played warm up games in Hong Kong for the last two seasons but not this year. It would appear that with such a young side some serious preparations were needed.