Thursday, November 13, 2008

Test Rugby: Slovenia 18, Austria 9, with pics

Austria's ball with Slovenian defence moving in, from left, Potnik, Kos, Zavrsan, Sambol, Duh and Krsmanovic, with Miljus on the deck.

Gobec high after the ball.

Slovenia attacking: From left Djuratovic, Miljus, Magusar, Jovic and No.14 Kos.

Photos and info from Alexander Jug. View his excellent blog on Slovenian rugby at

Slovenia has now collected its third victory in ENC 3B with this win. Are they looking at moving up another level at the end of 2010? Are they that good? Post your opinion on this result. If you were at the game what are your post match thoughts?


  1. I watched the game... Difficult conditions, Slovenians attacked, Austrians defended well, but at the end good victory for Slovenia.

  2. Being from Slovenia I really do hope that we can move up to 3A.

    A few pictures can be seen @

  3. Really tough game in difficult conditions. Austrians had their chance specially from the penalties, but at the end good presure from Slovenia. They gained two scores in last minutes and secured their 3th victory in a row, hope to continiue this in the next matches.