Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rugby Match: Netherlands v Latvia

Netherlands v Latvia in Jelgava (WCQ Euro. R3; ENC 2B)

The Netherlands began their crawl back into Division 2A with an 18-12 win over Croatia last weekend. This weekend they head into the Baltics where rugby is a growing sport. They could find the going tough!

The Latvians love their rugby. They have managed to get two of their star players back from Russian clubs to play in this vital match. The Latvians were defeated 5-21 by Sweden away at the end of October so a win at home is a must

These two teams have only met once before in a Rugby World Cup qualifying match.
07.05.2005 Netherlands 48-10 in Amsterdam (WCQ Euro. R3, Pool C)

GWC Rugby Rankings-Europe Table: Netherlands 18th, Latvia 21st

Prediction: Netherlands by 10 points.


1 Allard Jonkers, Capt. (RC ‘t Gooi) 32 tests
2. Miquèl van der Cruijsen, (RC ‘t Gooi) 9
3. Bart-Jan Alting (RC Hilversum) 7
4. Maurice Stahlecker (RC Hilversum) 2
5. Koen Buseman (Haagsche RC) 10
6. Tjebbe Jeehee (Portsmouth RFC, England) 7
7. Andrew Porter (SC Frankfurt 1880, Germany) ?
8. Bobby Teijsse (Amsterdamse AC) 6
9. Roger Scheffer (LRC DIOK) 9
10. Fedde Lingsma (RC Hilversum) 8
11. Jay-Jay Boske (RC Hilversum) 6
12. Anton Werth (RC ‘t Gooi) 3
13. Scott de Graaf (RC the Dukes) 1
14. Titus Klumper (LRC DIOK) 4
15. Bart Viguurs (RC the Dukes) 15
16. Walter Rijnbeek (RC the Dukes) 2
17. Richard Wolters (RC 't Gooi) ?
18. Robert van Trigt (RC Hilversum) 5
19. Henry Eikemans (RC the Dukes) 1
20. Boudewijn de Rouw (RC the Dukes) ?
21. Rik Roovers (RC Etten-Leur) 3
22. Dominic Brandwijk (Amsterdamse AC) ?
Head Coach: Hugues Dispas

1 Jānis Skuja (RK Miesnieki)
2 Edgars Cīrulis (RK Miesnieki)
3 Guntis Cirša (RK1964)
4 Laurijs Muzikants (SK Ovāls)
5 Vilmārs Sokolovs (RK Miesnieki)
6 Vjačeslavs Tiško (SK Ovāls)
7 Uldis Saulīte (Enisey STM-Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
8 Mareks Larionovs (RK LMT Eži)
9 Sergejs Avdejevs (SK Ovāls)
10 Ruslans Kotļevs (RK LMT Eži)
11 Jurijs Barānovs (Enisey STM-Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
12 Antons Oseledko (SK Ovāls)
13 Viktors Silvoniks (RK Miesnieki)
14 Arvis Pilenieks (RK LMT Eži)
15 Vitālijs Haleckis (SK Ovāls)
16 Edgars Lobānovs (RK LMT Eži)
17 Leno Bramanis (RK Miesnieki)
18 Dmitrijs Bondarenko (SK Ovāls)
19 Māris Čeksters (RK1964)
20 Andrejs Aleksandrovs (RK Miesnieki)
21 Sandis Barks (RK LMT Eži)
22 Valters Raņķis (RK Miesnieki)
Head Coach: Vladimirs Nikonovs


For lists of international rugby tests played by both Netherlands and Latvia go to

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