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Rugby Test: Czech Republic v Poland

Czech Republic v Poland in Ostrava (WCQ Europe R2, ENC 2A)

This match will be the Czech Republics first challenge in this Division. They were relegated from ENC 1 at the end of last season. This match marks the beginning of their climb back into the top Level of the European Nations Cup. They began the season by ending a long losing streak, defeating Croatia 47-0 last month in a warm up match.

The Poles are already on the board with a narrow 13-12 win over the Ukraine back in early October, whilst the Ukraine lost 8-9 to belgium in another narrow result. So the indications are that there is not much between these teams. I expect the result to be close.

Previous Encounters
04.11.2000 Poland 34-16 in Gdynia (FIRA B)
20.05.2000 Czech Republic 39-13 in Prague (FIRA C)
24.10.1998 Drawn 18-18 in Bezeg Dolny (FIRA Pool E)
14.03.1998 Poland 28-27 in Lodz (Friendly?)
04.04.1997 Czech Republic 39-32 in Olomouc (Friendly?)

These neighbours have not played each other for nearly eight years. Although to long ago to suggest any form, they do indicate a healthy rivalry back at a time when both nations were more or less on equal footings. In that the the Czech Republic climbed into the top level of European rugby only to be back with the Poles again. So, all in all, a most interesting fixture.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Czech Republic 13th, Poland 17th

Prediction: Czech Republic by 7


Czech Republic
15 Tomáš Nevický (RC Říčany) Age ?, New Cap
14 Jan Rudolf (RC Tatra Smíchov) 24, 8
13 Václav Jursík (Strasbourg, France) 24, 14
12 Jan Kolář (RC Slavia Praha) 1
11 Michal Schlanger (RC Říčany) 24, 16
10 Pavel Vokrouhlík (RC Sparta Praha) 27, 14
9 Vakhtang Pailodze (RC Sparta Praha) ?, 1
8 Jan Macháček (RC Slavia Praha) 36, 52
7 Miroslav Němeček (US Oyonnax, France) 28, 21
6 Josef Bláha (RC Říčany) 31, 12
5 Robert Voves (Narbonne, France) 27, 21
4 Tomáš Holovský (St. Raphael, France) ?, 2
3 Jan Benda (RC Sparta Praha) ?, 8
2 Ondřej Kutil (US Oyonnax, France) ?, 5
1 Lukáš Rapant (US Oyonnax, France) 25, 15
16 Jiří Skall (RC Sparta Praha) 35, 68
17 Roman Šuster (RC Rouen, France) 30, 24
18 Martin Wognitsch (US Oyonnax, France) ?, 1
19 Tomáš Veniger (RC Tatra Smíchov) ?, 4
20 Jiří Buryánek (RC Dragon Brno) 30, 23
21 Tomáš Forst (RC Praga) ?, 1
22 Petr Okleštěk, (Auxerre, France) ?, New Cap
Head Coach: Martin Kafka
Rapant last played for Czech Republic v Spain in September 2006
Adapted from ... ika-polsko and

Poland Squad
Dawid Banaszek (Bourgoin, France)
Romuald Berthe (?)
Kamil Bobryk( Budowlani Lodz)
Jurij Buhało (Posnania)
Grzegorz Falk (Juvenia Kraków)
Donald Gargasson (Toulon, France)
Tomasz Hebda (?)
Krzysztof Hotowski (Beaurepaire, France)
Michał Królikowski (Budowlani Lodz)
Michał Krużycki (Bourgoin, France)
Stanislas Krzesinski (Albi, France)
Fabien Kwarta (U.S. Morlaas Rugby, France)
Yaan Levandowski (Cahors, France)
Wojciech Łukasiewicz (Folc AZS Warszawa)
Ciril Monarcha (C.A. Riberacois, France)
Mariusz Motyl (Arka Gdynia)
Paweł Nowak (Arka Gdynia)
Konrad Pisarek (Orkan Sochaczew)
Kazimierz Raszpunda (Pogoń Siedlce)
Bastien Siepielski (?)
Łukasz Szostek (Arka Gdynia)
Cedric Vaissiere (Albi, France)
Marcin Wilczuk (Old Belvedere, Ireland)
Etienne Zyk (Clermont, France)
Head Coach: Tomasz Putra

For lists of all international rugby tests played by Czech Republic, and by Poland, go to

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