Saturday, November 15, 2008

Test Match: Sri Lanka v China Taipei

Sri Lanka v China Taipei in Tainan (Asia Nations Div.1)

Sri Lanka only needs to defeat China Taipei by 2 points or more to take out the honours in this winner takes all tournament. Sr Lanka drew 20-20 with Singapore last Tuesday, then Singapore defeated China Taipei 23-22 Thursday to create an interesting finale to this tournament.

China withdrew earlier this week in circumstances believed to be over passport arrangements into China Taipei. China regards this island nation as a part of China whereas the Taiwanese regard themselves as being independent. It begs the question ,yet unanswered, as to where does this leave China? Are they out of the competition now completely, or are they still in?

Previous Encounters
13.10.2002 China Taipei 56-18 in Pusan (Asia Games, Bronze Medal)
18.12.1998 China Taipei 28-10 in Bangkok (Asia Games, Bronze Medal)
17.01.1998 China Taipei 31-27 in Bangkok (WCQ Asia Round B)
26.10.1994 China Taipei 25-9 in Kuala Lumper (14th Asia Camp.)
20.09.1992 China Taipei 35-9 in Hong Kong (13th Asia Champ.)

Sri Lanka has only defeated China Taipei once, and that was back in 1990 when the Sri Lankans caused an upset to defeat the Taiwanese 9-6 on home soil in Colombo. This was where the 12th Asia Championships was held. Perhaps history is about to be made.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Asia Table-Sri lanka 6th, China Taipei 9th

Prediction: I just can't see the Chinese letting this one slip away. China Taipei by 3 points.


Sri Lanka Squad
Amjad Buksh (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Sashika Cooray (CH and FC)
Ashan de Costa (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Lasintha de Costa (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Kasun de Silva (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Shane Dissanayake (CH and FC)
Nilusha Fernando (Police Sports Club)
Bilal Hassen (Royal)
Ashan Karthelis (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Saliya Kumara (Kandy Sports Club)
Dushanth Lewke, Co Capt. (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Nushal Meepage (Army Sports Club)
Shamil Mohamed (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Reza Mubarak (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Achala Perera (CH and FC)
Danushka Perera (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Dinesh Sanjeewa (CH and FC)
Sajith Saranga (Isipatana College)
Mohamed Shariff (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Chula Susantha (Police Sports Club)
Henry Terrance (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Gayan Weeraratne (Kandy Sports Club)
Dilanka Wijesekera, Co Capt. (CH and FC)
Coaches - Dawje Snyman, Norman Laker

China Taipei
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For lists of all Sri Lanka international rugby results, and those of China Taipei, go to

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