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Rugby Match: Argentina XV v Chile

Argentina XV v Chile in Santiago (CONSUR A)

The composition of the Argentine side is very much a developmental one. The senior side is playing in Europe whilst the sevens side is also playing. Only a few players are selected from the 'A' squad which played for the Churchill Cup in June.

The Chileans also have a new look about them. Only a handful of players have any lengthy experience playing for Chile. A number are young and uncapped. Chile also has a new coach.

Last Five Encounters
15.12.2007 Argentina 'A' 79-8 in Santa Fe (CONSUR A)
08.05.2005 Argentina Provinces 48-13 in Buenos Aires (CONSUR A)
04.05.2002 Argentina 'A' 57-13 in Mendoza (Sth.American Champ.)
17.11.2001 Argentina 'A' 42-13 in Santiago (Sth.American Champ.)
16.11.2000 Argentina XV 18-16 in Montevideo (Sth.American Champ.)

Note: Chile has also played 3 full tests against Argentina in the period above.
01.07.2006 Lost 13-60 in Santiago (WCQ America South)
24.04.2004 Lost 3-45 in Santiago (CONSUR A)
30.04.2003 Lost 3-49 in Montevideo (Sth.American Champ.)

Prediction: Argentina by 44


Argentina XV Squad
Martín Bustos Moyano (Córdoba Athletic)
Francisco Albarracin (La Plata R.C) U, C
César Bettoli (Tucumán Lawn Tennis Club) U
Esteban Bustillo (Club Newman)
Gonzalo Camacho (B.A.C.R.C) C
Mauro Comuzzi (Pucará)
Miguel De Achaval (Asociación Alumni)
Pablo Gambarini (Club Atletico San Isidro) 6 tests
Juan Ignacio Gauthier (Hindú) U, C
Francisco Gomez Kodela (Belgrano Athletic Club) U, C
Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino (Pucará)
Agustín Oscar Gosia (Club Newman)
Mauricio Guidone (La Plata R.C)
Juan Pablo Lagarrigue (Cardenales R.C.) U, C
Martín Landajo (Club Atletico San Isidro)
Tomás Leonardi (San Isidro Club)
Ignacio Mieres (Stade Francais, France)
Ignacio Pasman (Champagnat)
Tomás Roan (La Plata R.C)
Leonardo Senatore (G.E.Rosario) U, C
Agustín Smidt (La Tablada)
Benjamín Urdapilleta (C.U.B.A.) 1 test, U, C
Coaches: José Orengo and Raúl Pérez
Sevens side is also playing. A lot of new players not used at Churchill Cup, so Argentina XV is more of a development side.
U = v Uruguay 29.05.2008
C= Churchill Cup June 2008
As of 29.10.2008

Sebast Aviles (Alumni) Age 20 New Cap
Felipe Burgos (Troncos) 21 *
Felipe Burgos (Troncos) 26 *
Matias Cabrera (Old Boys) 21 New Cap
Sergio De La Fuente (Old Mackayan's) 22 * #
Francisco De La Fuente (Old Mackayan's) 20 New Cap
Ignacio Deformes (Old Mackayan's) 22 New Cap
Francisco Deformes (Old Mackayan's) 30 *
Benjamin Del Solar (Old Boys) 20 *
Patricio Desmond (Old Mackayan's) 30 * #
Manuel Gurruchaga (Old Johns) 25 *
Cristian Manzur (u.catolica) 33 *
Andres Matetic (Ulumni) 25 *
Tomas Olave (COBS) 26 *
Cristian Onetto (COBS) 25 * #
Juan Pablo Perrota (u.catolica) 21 New Cap
Felipe Porter (Stade Francais) ? New Cap
Javier Reyes (PWCC) 23 *
Luka Salamunic (Old Boys) 20 New Cap
Javier Valderrama (Old Johns) 23 New Cap
Nicolas Venegas (Stade Francais) 22 *
Aldo Villavicencio (Old Boys) 24 New Cap
Oliver Bassa (Santo Tomas) 26 New Cap
* Played tests previously # Toured Europe 2005
Head Coach: Daniel Graco

A new coach and plenty of new players. Sprinkling of long term experience.
Previous tests only with limited data. May not be 100% accurate. They will have their job cut out for them against Argentina 2nd team.

Provincial Match
16.08.2008 Cordoba 43, Chile 3 in Cordoba

For a full list of all Argentina, Argentina XV and Chile international rugby tests played go to

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