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Rugby Test: Uruguay v USA

Uruguay v United States at Salt Lake City

Uruguay arrive in the US of A without their overseas-based players and with only half the team that did so well at the IRB Nations Cup in Bucharest in June. The Uruguyans lost 6-10 to Romania, 18-20 to Georgia before defeating Russia 23-19. Not bad going! So what's the problem? Well, according to this article-money.
On their way to the USA the Uruguyans lost 13-40 to a Buenos Aires Selection in Buenos Aires.

The USA have, predictably, made some big changes since they lost 10-26 to Canada back in June in the Churchill Cup playoff for 5th/6th. That meant the USA came dead last! They have been able to call upon a number of foreign-based players (no money worries?) and mix them with a blend of new comers. In addition a squad of some fifty players have been muscling it out in the back of beyond getting themselves selected for either the full test team or for a USA 'A' side that will play the New Zealand Heartland team in the curtain raiser. On the basis of money and preparation alone the USA look to be streets ahead of the South American visitors.

Previous Encounters
07.10.2006 USA 33-7 in Stanford (WCQ America, repecharge 2nd leg)
01.10.2006 USA 42-13 in Montevideo (WCQ America, repecharge, 1st leg)
30.08.2003 USA 31-17 in Buenos Aires (Pan-American Series)
31.08.2002 Uruguay 10-9 in Montevideo (WCQ America R4)
17.08.2002 USA 28-24 in San Francisco (WCQ America R4)

Looks like the good old World Cup tussles between these two nations are a thing of the past.

GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-USA 18th, Uruguay 23rd

Prediction: USA by 35 points.


Uruguay Squad
Juan Miguel Alvarez (Carasco Polo) Age 28,
Carlos Arboleya (Trebol) 23,
Matias Arocena (Old Christians) 23,
Francisco Bulanti (Trebol) 24,
Juan Campomar (Old Boys) 26,
Ignacio Conti (Carasco Polo) 30,
Francisco De Posadas (Old Boys) 26,
Martin Espiga (Old Christians) 23,
Jeronimo Etcheverry (Carasco Polo) 20,
Matias Fonseca (Los Cuervos) 20,
Nicholas Klappembach (Champagnat) 26,
Enrico Laitano (Carasco Polo) 23,
Leandro Leivas (Old Christians) 20,
Pablo Lemoine, Capt. (Montevideo Cricket) 33, *
Martin Llovet (Old Christians) 22,
Manuel Martinez (Old Christians) 23,
Nicholas Morales (Trebol) 24,
Joaquin Pastore (Old Boys) 26,
Gonzago Peyrou (Champagnat) 25,
Juan Rombys (Trebol) 21,
Mario Sagario (Carasco Polo) 21,
Rodrigo Sanchez (Carasco Polo) 31, *
Head Coach: Guillermo Garcia
I do not have sufficient data to show each player’s test caps.
* 2003 World Cup team
The Team was defeated 40-13 by a Buenos Aires Selection in Bunenos Aires 1 November. Overseas players not selected Sebastian Levaggi (Venezzia, Italy), Nicolas Brignoni (Oyonax, France), Alfredo Giuria (L’Aquila, Italy), Santiago Rodino (US Cognac, France) and Ivo Dugonjic (Pucaru Stade Gaulois). All these overseas-based players played for Uruguay in the IRB Nations Cup held in Bucharest. Another eight from that squad do not appear above. Alberico Passadore, who was head coach for IRB Nations Cup has also gone.

15 Christopher Wyles (Saracens, England) Age 25, 10 tests
14 Takudzwa Ngwenya (Biarritz, France) 23, 6
13 Paul Emerick (Parma, Italy) 28, 29
12 Junior Sifa (Midleton) 25, New Cap
11 Gavin DeBartolo (Eastern Suburbs) 26, 2
10 Michael Hercus (IBM, Japan) 29, 39
9 Michael Petri (New York Athletic Club) 23, 4
8 Patrick Quinn (Denver Barbarians) 26, 1
7 Todd Clever, Capt. (Xerox Lions) 25, 24
6 Inaki Basauri (Agen, France) 24, 3
5 John Van der Giessen (Denver Barbarians) 26, 2
4 Hayden Smith (Saracens, England) 23, New Cap
3 Matekitonga Moeakiola (Pukekohe RFC, NZ) 30, 7
2 Mark Crick (Potomac Athletic Club) 33, 6
1 Mike MacDonald (Leeds Carnegie, England) 27, 50
16 Joseph Welch (Cal) 24, New Cap
17 Shawn Pittman (San Francisco Golden Gate) 20, New Cap
18 Alec Parker (Gentlemen of Aspen) 34, 50
19 J.J. Gagiano (Univ.of Cape Town, Sth Africa) 23, New Cap
20 Chad Erskine (Rotherham, England) 27, 7
21 Valenese Malifa (Belmont Shore) 22, 5
22 Salesi Sika (Beziers, France) 27, 19
Head Coach: Scott Johnson

Erskine last played for USA v South Africa at the 2007 Rugby World Cup as did veteran Parker. Basauri last played for USA v Tonga at the 2007 Rugby World Cup.Quins’ only test for the USA was v England Saxons, June 2007

For complete lists of all rugby test results for both USA and Uruguay go to

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