Sunday, November 9, 2008

Test Rugby: Australia 30, Italy 20

This Australian side is not nearly as good as the Aussie sides of 1991 and 1999. They do not have the depth as the All Blacks. So where doe this put Italian rugby? The Italians are reputed to have the best pack, or one of the best in the world. Where does Italy go from here? What is your opinion?

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  1. Nick Mallett has done a really good job with Italian team, congratulations !

    Aussies won the match, and can kiss or pay the referee !! Mortlock tackle Parisse, when Parisse wanted to tackle Cooper !! Parisse on the ground, Cooper was able to score...

    Italy deserved to make 20-20, Aussies didn't deserve their win ; if they are playing like this against England, the new stars of english rugby, Cipriani, Care, Armitage, Monye and Kenedy will trash them !!