Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rugby Test: Chile v Uruguay

Chile v Uruguay in Montevideo (CONSUR A)

Uruguay looks to be a stronger side than that which travel to the USA. A couple of overseas-based players have arrived in Montevideo to strengthen the side. The Chileans have called only upon home-based players.

Argentina 'A' defeated Chile 71-3 in Santiago earlier this month in this competition.

Last Five Encounters
25.08.2007 Uruguay 35-34 in Santiago (CONSUR A)
22.07.2006 Uruguay 43-15 in Montevideo (WCQ America, South)
11.05.2005 Chile 34-25 in Buenos Aires (26th S.America Champ.)
01.05.2004 Uruguay 20-13 in Santiago (25th S.America Champ.)
26.04.2003 Uruguay 20-13 in Montevideo (24th S.American Champ.)

GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-Chile 23rd, Uruguay 24th
South America Table-Uruguay 2nd, Chile 3rd

Prediction: Uruguay by 17 points


Chile Squad
Matetic Andres (Alumni)
Sebastian Aviles (Alumni)
Oliver Bassa (Santo Tomas)
Felipe Burgos (Troncos)
Felipe Osorio Burgos (Troncos)
Matias Cabrera (Old Boys)
Francisco De La Fuente (Old Mackayan's)
Sergio De La Fuente (Old Mackayan's)
Francisco Deformes (Old Mackayan's)
Ignacio Deformes (Old Mackayan's )
Bejamin Del Solar (Old Boys)
Manuel Gurruchaga (Old john's)
Cristian Manzur (Univ.Catolica)
Andres Matetic (COBS)
Cristian Onetto (COBS)
Juan Pablo Perrota (Univ.Catolica)
Javier Reyes (Prince of Wales Country Club)
Diego Schachner (COBS)
Pablo Sepulveda (Old Georgeans)
Javier Valderrama (Old John's)
Nicolas Venegas (Stade Francais)
Cristobal Westenenk (Old Boys)
Head Coach: Daniel Graco

Uruguay Squad
15 Jeronimo Etcheverry (Carasco Polo)
14 Jolivet (?)
13 Joaquin Pastore (Old Boys)
12 Martin Llovet (Old Christians)
11 Juan Lavat (Old Christians)
10 Matias Arocena (Old Christians)
9 Juan Campomar (Old Boys)
8 Nicolas Brignoni (Oyonax, France)
7 Alfredo Giuria (L’Aquila, Italy)
6 Ignacio Conti (Carasco Polo)
5 De Oliveria (?)
4 Juan Bado (Montauban, France)
3 Pablo Lemoine, Capt. (Montevideo Cricket)
2 Carlos Arboleya (Trebol)
1 Rodrigo Sanchez (Carasco Polo)
16 Nicholas Klappembach (Champagnat)
17 Mario Sagario (Carasco Polo)
18 Matias Fonseca (Los Cuervos)
19 Martin Espiga (Old Christians)
20 Manuel Martinez (Old Christians)
21 Nicholas Morales (Trebol)
22 To be named
Head Coach: Guillermo Garcia

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