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International Rugby: Canada v Portugal

Canada v Portugal in Lisbon
Venue-Estadio Universitário de Lisboa, campo Vasco Pinto de Magalhães, Lisbon

Canada arrived in Portugal to start their European tour without many of the 2007 Rugby World Cup team. Still playing but unavailable are Jamie Cudmore, Colin Yukes, David Spicer, DTH van der Merwe and Luke Tait. Missing from this first test, as it lies outside the November Window in which all clubs must release their international players, are overseas pros Mike Burak, Ed Fairhurst, Josh Jackson, Justin Mensah-Coker, Sean Michael Stephen and veteran prop Jon Thiel. As a result Canadian coach, former All Black Kieran Crowley, has selected a mainly home-based team with two new caps in the starting line up with a further six on the bench.

Portugal are also without a few of their regulars. Coach Tomaz Morais has introduced four new players into the squad to play Canada.

Previous Encounter
18.08.2007 Canada 42-12 in Toronto

GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-Canada 17th, Portugal 20th

Prediction: Canada by 15 points.


15 James Pritchard (Bedford Blues, England) Aged 27, 20 tests
14 Philip Mackenzie (University of Victoria) 21, New cap
13 Bryn Keys (Velox Valhallians) 22, 1
12 Ryan Smith (Calgary Irish) 28, 36
11 Dean Van Camp (Velox Valhallians) 25, 5
10 Ander Monro (Colorno, Italy) 26, 8
9 Morgan Williams (James Bay Athletic Association) 32, 53
8 Aaron Carpenter (Cowichan RFC) 24, 16
7 Adam Kleeberger (University of Victoria) 24, 11
6 Andrew Fagan (Swilers RFC) ?, New cap
5 Stu Ault (Castaway Wanderers) 26, 3
4 Tyler Hotson (Northern Suburbs RFC, Australia) 23, 1
3 Mike Pletch (Velox Valhallians) 25, 16
2 Pat Riordan, Capt. (University of Victoria) 28, 17
1 Kevin Tkachuk (Glasgow Warriors, Scotland) 31, 39
16 Frank Walsh (Vandals RFC) ?, New Cap
17 Travis Robertson (Velox Valhallians) 26, New Cap
18 Luke Cudmore (Capilano RFC) 23, 1
19 Jebb Sinclair (Castaway Wanderers) 22, New Cap
20 Sean Duke (University of Victoria) ?, New Cap
21 Sean White (James Bay Athletic Association) ?, New Cap
22 Nathan Hirayama (University of Victoria) 20, New Cap
Head Coach: Kieran Crowley

For a complete list of all Canada's test results go to

Portugal Squad
Julien Bardi (ASM Clermont, France) 22, New Cap
Pedro Cabral (CR Madrid, Spain) 25, 13
João Correia (GD Direto) 27, 38
David dos Reis (RC Nimes, France) 31, New Cap
Aderito Esteves (GD Direto) 23, 9
Diogo Fialho (CD Univ.Lisbon) 26, 2
Duarte Figueiredo (CD Univ.Lisbon) 26, 5
Gonçalo Foro (CD Univ.Lisbon) 26, 9
Diogo Gama (CR Madrid, Spain) 27, 13
Tiago Girão (CR Madrid, Spain) 23, 13
Valter Jorge (OS Belenenses) 25, 1
João Junior (CD Univ.Lisbon) 22, New Cap
Lourenço Kadosh (AEIS Agronomia) 23, 4
Pedro Leal (GD Direto) 24, 26
David Mateus (OS Belenenses) 28, 24
Diogo Mateus (OS Belenenses) 28, 58
Juan Murré (Sporting Nazairien Rugby) 28, 9
Salvador Palha (GD Direto) 24, 4
Duarte C Pinto (AEIS Agronomia) 26, 34
Juan Severino (AEIS Agronomia) 26, 16
Pedro Silva (OS Belenenses) 24, New Cap
Vasco Uva (GD Direto) 25, 48
Head Coach: Tomaz Morais from last season-António Aguilar, José Pinto, João Uva (Italy), Gonçalo Uva (France), Cristian Spachuck (France) and Sebastião Cunha. Those in Italy and France probably not released.

For a full list of Portugal's test results go to

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