Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rugby Test: Slovakia v Bosnia Herzegovina

Slovakia v Bosnia Herzegovina (ENC 3D)

ENC Divison 3D is the only level of European international rugby that does not qualify for 2011 Rugby World Cup qualification. The incentive is to be the leading side after 2 rounds (2 seasons) and thus be able to be in the World Cup qualifying rounds for 2015.

At this early stage Bosnia Herzegovina, relegated from ENC 3C, look to be way out in front. Their 52-5 win over Monaco, away, back in October, confirmed that. This is their second away game and , provided they can travel with much the same squad that went to Monaco, they should win again.

Slovakia lost to Cyprus 8-38 last year in Cyprus and Cyprus had earlier defeated Monaco 19-10 to give some idea of Slovakia's strength. Most of Slovakia's players either play for the only club in Bratislava or for Czech clubs over the border but they will find the Bosnians too slick.

This is the first time these two teams have met.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Bosnia Herzegovina 38th, Slovakia 40th

Prediction: Bosnia Herzegovina by 40 points.


Slovakia Squad
Martin Čmiel (RC Havířov, Czech Republic) 2 tests
Ondřej Hankovski (Sokol Mariánské Hory, Czech Rep.) 4
Richard Hladík (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.) New Cap
David Hughes (RC Slovan Bratislava) 3
Richard Januš (RC Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.) 3
Jan Klokner (Sokol Mariánské Hory, Czech Rep.) 3
Patrik Kovacs (RC Havířov, Czech Republic) New Cap
Pavel Kozubík (RC Havířov, Czech Republic) 3
Petr Kozubík (RC Havířov, Czech Republic) 3
Josef Kučera (RK Petrovice, Czech Republic) 1
Michal Kučera (Náměšť na Hané, Czech Republic) 1
Tomáš Kurka (RC Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.) 3
Martin Majovský (RC Slovan Bratislava) 2
Marcel Mana (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.) 5@
Jan Mandičák (RK Petrovice) New Cap
Martin Mihálik (RC Slovan Bratislava) 1
Viktor Ondroušek (RC Jimi Vyškov, Czech Republic) 5@
Patrik Poledna (Náměšť na Hané, Czech Republic) 4
Daniel Puha (RC Slovan Bratislava) 4
Anthony Puverle (RC Slovan Bratislava) 5@
Jaroslav Stoklásek (RC Zlín, Czech Republic) 5*@
Marek Ujček (RC Slovan Bratislava) New Cap
Head Coach: Pavel Lištván

* Added to squad
@ Have played in all Slovak tests to date.

Bosnia Herzegovina
Not available

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