Saturday, May 19, 2012


Cayman Islands v Bermuda in Hamilton (WCQ Americas; NACRA North R2)

Bermuda vs Cayman 19 May 2012

Venue: National Sports Centre, Frog Lane, Prospect


Bermuda, last years Caribbean Champion, will be stepping out for the first time this season. They have the advantage of playing at home.

Cayman Islands did not travel well to Jamaica last month, losing 18-19 to Jamaica. They then bounced back at home to crush Mexico 46-13 to qualify for round 2.

Last Five Encounters
01.05.2010 Bermuda 26-15 in Grand Cayman (Friendly)
30.04.2006 Bermuda 37-14 in Georgetown (Bermuda Challenge Cup)
11.06.2005 Bermuda 12-6 in Nassau (WCQ America, Caribbean North)
18.10.2003 Bermuda 14-0 in Bermuda (Friendly)
1999 Cayman Islands 22-3

Cayman Islands Last Five
21.04.2012 v Mexico W 46-13 in Georgetown (WCQ Americas; NACRA North R1)
07.04.2012 v Jamaica L 18-19 in Kingston (WCQ Americas; NACRA North R1)
15.05.2011 v Mexico L 20-34 in Mexico City (Caribbean Champ.,North R2)
16.04.2011 v Jamaica W 36-24 in Grand Cayman (Caribbean Champ.,North R1)
01.05.2010 v Bermuda L 15-26 in Grand Cayman (Friendly)

Bermuda Last Five
22.06.2011 v Guyana W 11-0 in Georgetown (Caribbean Champ. Final)
05.06.2011 v Mexico W 26-7 in Mexico City (Caribbean Champ., North R3)
30.04.2011 v Bahamas W 13-10 in Hamilton (Caribbean Champ., North R3)
01.05.2010 v Cayman Islands W 26-15 in Grand Cayman (Friendly)
25.09.2009 v Trinidad Tobago L 19-32 in Port of Spain (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table-Bermuda 5th, Cayman Islands 8th

IRB Ranking Points
Bermuda 44.74, Cayman Islands 41.12

Prediction: Bermuda by 15 points


Bermuda Squad
Paul Dobinson (Renegades)
Dustin Archibald (Mariners)
Jahan Cedenio (Renegades)
Thomas Greenslade (Teachers)
Mike Williams (Renegades)
David Rourke (Mariners)
Bobby Hurdle
Peter Dunkerley (Renegades)
Darren Richardson (Police)
Andrew Hook (Teachers)
Henry Paddison (Teachers)
Pete Dunlop (Teachers)
Tony Ward
Tom Healy (Renegades)
Ian Henderson (Renegades)
Lachie Armour (Mariners)
Paull Davis
Tom Edwards (Police)
Neville Zuill (Police)
Andre Landy (Teachers)
Shauntino Simons (Teachers)
David Pringle (Police)
Bermuda lost 33 - 38 to USA South in a warm up game on the 6th or 7th in Florida.


Cayman Islands Squad

1 Ben McDonald (c)
2 JS De Jager
3 Mark Stabler
4 Dan Bond
5 Yohann Regnard
6 Phil Fourie
7 Josh Clark
8 Ben Blair
9 Simon Crompton
10 Morgan Hayward
11 Chris Bunce
12 Jon Murphy
13 Venasio Tokatokavanua
14 Michael Wilson
15 Joel Clark
16 Mick Kehoe
17 Paul Parker
18 Doug Anderson
19 Shaun Gerard
20 Alex Pineau
21 Robbie Cribb
22 Camilo Andres
Head Coach: Brad Cowdroy

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