Saturday, May 12, 2012


Turkey v Estonia in Tallinn (Friendly)

Venue: Suur-Rannavärav,


These two teams have never met before. This is Turkey’s second rugby test match whilst Estonia have only played two friendly tests against Finland.

This game is crucial in the development of rugby across Europe. Neither team participates in the European Nations Cup. These friendly test matches are a measure of where each nation is in its rugby development. There is so much required and standards to be met by the European governing body.These are in the areas of administration, club rugby, test match hosting facilities and organisation, and junior rugby. All the boxes must be ticked before a team can enter test rugby competition. The recent disqualification of Armenia has sent out a strong message to developing rugby nations.

This will be a difficult match for Turkey to win. They are without three of the France-based professionals, including Kuzucu the captain against Slovakia. The other two were their props! So this is a weaker side than that which played Slovakia. It includes four new caps.

I can’t find anything about the Estonian team.

Turkey Only Result
29.04.2012 v Slovakia W 31-5 in Bratislava

Estonia Past Results
02.10.2010 v Finland L 5-55 in Helsinki
22.05.2010 v Finland L 15-22 in Viismi

GWC Rugby Rankings do not apply as Estonia is unranked

Prediction: Difficult to judge. Going on the fact that the visitors are without key players. Turkey by 7 points

Turkey Squad
İbrahim Timbale Akay *
Murat Altun
Salim Çavuş
Tamer James Çelikbaş
Bahri Dağlı
Atilla Demir
Erkut Levent Durmuş
Doğu Eroğlu
Mehmet Akif Ersoy
Kerim Galal
Roman Güllübağ *
Ertuğrul Günday
Abdullah Güneş
Kemal Ege Gürkan
Samet Karaca *
Dinçhan Kilercioğlu
Ramazan Kılıçkaya
Yavuz Kocaer
Selçuk Kozlu
Deniz Krom
Mustafa Kemal Kurt *
Ali Bökehan Sürer
* New caps

Head Coach: Niall Doherty

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Estonia Squad not available

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