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EUROPEAN NATIONS CUP: Hungary Plays Norway

Hungary v Norway in Oslo (ENC 2C)

ISRAEL 7 6 0 1 171 97 74 2 0 26
DENMARK 7 5 1 1 155 116 39 0 1 23
AUSTRIA 8 3 0 5 157 141 16 1 4 17
HUNGARY 7 2 0 5 102 168 -66 0 2 10
NORWAY 7 1 1 5 58 121 -63 0 1 7

Venue: Bislett Stadio

Referee: Sergii Poplavskyi (Ukraine)

’This is a game that Norway simply must win to avoid automatic relegation, but they also have to prevent Hungary from gaining a losing BP. There are of course other permutations involving BPs for 4 tries which could mean that the head-2-head aggregate from 2011-12 will decide who ends in last place. The 2nd to bottom team still faces a promotion/relegation playoff in Greece or Bulgaria.’
’Quentin’s’ thoughts at

The Hungarians have recalled a number of veterans. This follows some poor recent results

Previous Encounters
04.06.2011 Hungary 21-5 in Budapest (ENC 2C)
01.05.2010 Hungary 34-17 in Estzergom (ENC 3B)
27.09.2008 Hungary 26-15 in Oslo (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3B)
27.10.2007 Hungary 5-3 in Szekefsfhervan (ENC 3B)
07.10.2006 Hungary 13-8 in Stavanger (ENC 3B)

Norway Last Five
05.05.2012 v Austria W 11-5 in Bergen (ENC 2C)
29.10.2011 v Israel L 11-22 in Netanya (ENC 2C)
15.10.2011 v Denmark L 4-28 in Odense (ENC 2c; Viking Tri Nations)
03.09.2011 v Sweden L 7-18 in Bergin (Viking Tri Nations)
04.06.2011 v Hungary L 5-21 in Budapest (ENC 2C)

Hungary Last Five
21.04.2012 v Israel L 5-44 in Ezstergom (ENC 2C)
05.11.2011 v Austria L 7-38 in Vienna (ENC 2C)
29.10.2011 v Denmark L 13-21 in Kecskemet (ENC 2C)
04.06.2010 v Norway W 21-5 in Budapest (ENC 2C)
23.04.2011 V Croatia L 12-31 (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Norway 30th, Hungary 33rd

IRB Ranking Points
Hungary 36.23, Norway 35.81

Prediction: Norway by 8 points


Norway squad
Levan Abramishvili (Stavanger RK)
Thomas Bichard-Breaud (Oslo RK)
Kristoffer Borsheim (Stavanger RK)
Joe Bula Waqalevu (Gloppen Bushmen RK)
James Buncle (Civic RFC)
Shelton Davis (Tønsberg RK)
Alex Diessner (Stavanger RK)
Even Ellingsen (Blindern RK)
Finn Gormley (Galway Corinthians RFC)
Samuel Hedger (Sunnmøre RK)
Pascal Raclin (Oslo RK)
Tim Greer (Blindern RK)
Aleksander Rønning (Fredrikstad RK)
Eirik Salvesen Lie (Bergen RK)
Ollie Rogers (Tunbridge Wells RFC)
Andre Slaatta (Bergen RK)
Kim-Robin Petterson (Horten RK)
Markus Sourlas (Bergen RK)
Nick Sæby (Stavanger RK)
Viliame Tirikula (Tabu Soro RK)
Andre Van Niekerk (Bergen RK)
Axel Wilhelmsen (Bergen RK)
Head Coach:

Kristina Ruffles resigns from team manager position following this game.

Hungary Squad

Tamás Balogh (Battai Bulldogok)

Gergő Bán (Battai Bulldogok)

Alexandru Banu (Esztergomi Vitézek)

András Bárdos (Szeged)

Mátyás Bihari (Budapest Exiles)

Brand (?)

Gregorie Collet (Toulouse, France)

Róbert Deli (Esztergomi Vitézek)

Achiles Gyurcsik (Battai Bulldogok)

Zoltán Heckel (Esztergomi Vitézek)
Attila Jámbor (Esztergomi Vitézek)

Szilárd Jung (Battai Bulldogok)

Jonathán Katona (RC Valence, France)

Gábor Kendi (Battai Bulldogok)

Zoltán Koller (Esztergomi Vitézek)

István Kovács-Goda (Esztergomi Vitézek)

Gareth Lloyd (Budapest Exiles)

Zoltán Máthé (Battai Bulldogok)

Szabolcs Nagyhegyesi (Kecskeméti ARC)

Roland Nagy (Esztergomi Vitézek)

Tamás Ódor (UK Club)

Pluhár (?)

András Prágai (Szeged)

Attila Prakter (Battai Bulldogok)

Attila Réfi (Kecskeméti ARC)

Soós (?)

László Teisenhoffer (Battai Bulldogok)

Dániel Tóth (Kecskeméti ARC)

Richard Tóth (Kecskeméti ARC)

Head Coach: Gheorghe Vacaru

Adapted from

Some of the players are new to me and some club affiliations may be incorrect. This squad pieced together from my data on Hungary 2007-2012.

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