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Brazil v Chile in Santiago (CONSUR A)


Venue: La cancha del CARR de FERUCHI en el Parque Mahuida de La Reina.

Referee: Matias Fresia (Argentina)

This the 34th South American Championships is being held in Santiago, Chile.
The new format provides more games at a competitive level with all teams playing Argentina.

Brazil is the rising star of South American rugby. In the 2011 South American championships they lost by 19 points to Chile, by 21 to Uruguay and defeated Paraguay 51-14. The defeat of Paraguay relegated that team to this years CONSUR B.

Brazil went on to play in the Emirates Airlines Cup of Nations, held by hosts United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, last November-December. This was very successful venture by Brazil. Such cross-continental test matches will ensure that the Brazilians will be exposed to different playing styles, different locations and hopefully an improved technical appreciation of this great global game.

2011 Brazil EA Cup of Nations
Brazil is the rising rugby nation in South America. This is the team that played in Dubai last November-December.

Chile has been a little quieter. They defeated all three nations in last year’s South American Championship preliminary round. They were soundly defeated by Argentina in the semi-final. Today they will want to continue their historical success against Brazil and put themselves in the top three South American nations.

Other Previews

Last Five Encounters
14.05.2011 Chile 25-6 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
16.05.2010 Chile 31-8 in Santiago (CONSUR A Preliminary)
25.04.2009 Chile 29-3 in Santiago (WCQ Americas R2; CONSUR A Prelim.)
13.10.2005 Chile 57-13 in Dao Paulo (WCQ Americas R2)
13.04.2002 Chile 46-6 in Sao Paulo (WCQ Americas R3)

These two teams first met in 1951. Brazil defeated Chile 13-9 in Sao Paulo in 1981 as part of the then South American championships. They drew 16-16 in 1964 also as part of the South American championships. Otherwise the results have all favoured Chile.

Brazil Last Five
16.12.2011 v Hong Kong L 3-37 in Dubai (Cup of Nations)
13.12.2011 v United Arab Emirates W 66-3 in Dubai (Cup of Nations)
10.12.2011 v Kenya L 25-27 in Dubai (Cup of Nations)
20.05.2011 v Paraguay W 51-14 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
17.05.2011 v Uruguay L 18-39 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)

Chile Last Five
22.05.2011 v Argentina L 6-61 in Cancha (CONSUR A Semi-final)
20.05.2011 v Uruguay W 21-18 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
17.05.2011 v Paraguay W 71-3 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
14.05.2011 v Brazil W 25-6 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
29.09.2010 v Tonga L 30-32 in Santiago (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table-Chile 3rd, Brazil 4th

IRB Ranking Points
Chile 57.41, Brazil 51.57

Prediction: Chile by 10 points



Chile Squad
Iñaki Barturen (Old Reds)

Felipe Brangier (Prince of Wales Country Club)

Nelson Calderón (Troncos)

Manuel Dagnino (Old Mackayan's)

Francisco Deformes (Old Mackayan's)

Salomón Díaz (COBSA)

Metuaze Francisco (Sporting RC).

Francisco de La Fuente (Auch, France)

Sergio de La Fuente (Stade Dijonaisse RC, France)

Timothy Gibson (COBSA)

Francisco González (Sporting)

Manuel Gurruchaga (Old John's)

Germán Herrera (Viña RC)

Pablo Huete (Castres RC, France)

Francisco Neira (Old John's)

Alonso Oliver (Old John's)

Rolando Pellerano (Viña RC)

Juan Pablo Perrota (Universitat Católica)

Benjamín Pizarro (Old Georgean's)

Alejandro Ríos (Universitat Católica)

Luka Salamunic (Old Boys)

Ignacio Silva (Stade Francais)

Sebastián del Solar (Old Boys)

Germán Suazo (Stade Francais)

Rodrigo Tobar (Old John's)

Javier Valderrama (Old Mackayan's)


Brazil Squad

Leandro CASTIGLIONI-Sao Paulo Athletic Club

Lucas CECCARELLI-Ilhabela RC

Felipe CLARO-Sao Paulo Athletic Club

Maurício COSTA-Jacareí RC

João Luiz DA ROS-Desterro RC

Matheus DANIEL-São José RC

Daniel DANIELEWICZ-Desterro RC

Jardel DE MENDONÇA-Sao Paulo Athletic Club

Júlio DE MENDONÇA-Sao Paulo Athletic Club

Moisés DUQUE-São José RC

Daniel GREGG-Niterói RFC

Gustavo KRAHEMBÜHL-Pasteur AC

Danilo LIMA-Rio Branco RC

Diego LOPEZ-Pasteur AC

Pedro MANZINI-Bandeirantes RC

Allan MARTINS-Rio Branco RC

Ramiro MINA-Bandeirantes RC

João NETO-Sao Paulo Athletic Club

Carlos OLIVEIRA                -São José RC

Thiago PEROVIC-Monte Grande RC, Argentina

Lucas PIERO-Desterro RC

Paulo SANTOS-Ilhabela RC

Martin SCHAEFER-Rio Branco RC

André SILVA-Sao Paulo Athletic Club

Matheus SILVA-Ilhabela RC

Jardel VETTORATO-Novo Hamburgo RC

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