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Test Rugby: Trinidad and Tobago v Brazil

Trinidad and Tobago v Brazil in Sao Paulo (WCQ America R2, Playoff 2nd Leg)

The Calypso Warriors, the name given to the rugby team from Trinidad and Tobago have a huge task ahead of them in Brazil on Saturday. Defeated 31-8 by the Brazilians in the first leg in Port of Spain last Saturday, the Trinidadians have to win by more than 23 points to progress to the next stage. A number of factors are against this happening.

Firstly, winning away in Brazil was always going to be the more difficult leg for the Caribbean team. Secondly, their flight to Brazil was disjointed, with half the team flying direct to Brazil, the other having to fly via Caracus in Venezuela arriving a day later. Passport problems were said to be the cause. Thirdly, the nature and size of Brazil's win will be a major psychological hurdle for the men from Trinidad to overcome.

On the bright side is the return to the Caribean side of 38 year old veteran flyhalf Brendan O'Farrell.

GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-Brazil 29th, Trinidad and Tobago 30th.
Both these teams qualify for the World Table as they are in different zones in the rugby world. Brazil is affiliated to CONSUR whilst the Caribbean side is with NAWIRA.

Prediction: Rugby is a funny game at any level and upsets can always occur. It is difficult not to see an easy Brazilian win. Brazil by 40 points.


Trinidad and Tobago Squad
Kirl Aanensen (Trinidad Northern RFC) Aged 27
Greame Atkins (Caribs RFC) 26
Nigel Arismandez (Worthing RUFC, England) 34
Peter Bacchus (Caribs RFC) 31
Andre Cabrero (Caribs RFC) 24
Jason Clark (Caribs RFC) 23
Kelson Figaro (Royalians RFC) 23
Adam Fredericks, Capt. (Trinidad Northern RFC) 29
Felician Guerra (Royalians RFC)
Wayne Kelly (Havard RFC) 26
Miguel Lara (Caribs RFC) ?
Damian Martinez (Blaydon RUFC, England) 30
Jonathan O'Connor (Caribs RFC) 30
Brendan O'Farrell (Caribs RFC) 38
Kirk Quashie (Caribs RFC) 24
Kurt Quashie (Caribs RFC) 24
Samuel Roberts (Caribs RFC) 23
Don Rojas (Caribs RFC) ?
Selwyn St. Bernard (Blaydon RUFC, England) 31
Kidane Silverthorn (Rainbow Sports Club) 24
Dexter Snaggs (Trinidad Northern RFC) 29
James Walklin (Trinidad Northern RFC) 31
Head Coach: Rhett Chee Ping

Ages as per Brazilian blog

15 Erick Montfrinatti (São José RC) *
14 Rafael Dawailibi (São José RC)
13 Giuliano Passini (Rio Branco RC)
12 Joao Luis Da Ros (Desterro RC)
11 Daniel Gregg (Niterói RFC)
10 Lucas Duque (São José RC)
9 Matheus Duque (São José RC)
8 Jean-Marc Volland (?)*
7 Diego Lopez (Pasteur Athlétic Club)
6 João Orioli jnr (Pasteur Athlétic Club)
5 Antonio Gorios (?)*
4 Reges Comoretto (Desterro RC)
3 Ramiro Mina, Capt. (Bandeirantes RC)
2 Daniel Danielewicz (Desterro RC)
1 Christiano da Costa (São José RC)
Replacements (Bench to be named)
Ian Korolkovas (Bandeirantes RC)*
Andre Fujita (?)*
Alexandre Spano (São José RC)
Henrique Dantas (São José RC)*
Leonardo Frota (Curitiba RC)*
Rafael Strenger (Bandeirantes RC)
Julian Menutti (Bandeirantes RC)
Fernando Martins (São José RC)
Head Coach: Pierre Paparemborde
* Did not travel to Trinidad and Tobago
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For a complete list of all Trinidad and Tobago and Brazil's international results go to

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