Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rugby Fixture: Austria v Norway

To be played in Oslo (World Cup Qualifier; ENC 3B)

Austria travels to Norway for its first rugby test for 2008-09. Austria only just managed to survive in ENC 3B for the next two seasons when they defeated Hungary 9-6 in a suprise result at the end of that season. That result saw Bulgaria relegated instead. So this season will see the need for Austria to rebuild the team and build from that victory over Hungary.

Norway dropped their first home game 15-26 to Hungary 2 weeks ago and the pressure is on them to win this vital home game. Winning away is difficult at this level of international rugby. These two teams drew 3-3 in Vienna in April whilst Norway won the Oslo fixture 22-8 in June of last year.

Previous Encounters
26.04.2008 Drawn 3-3 in Vienna (ENC 3A)
09.06.2007 Norway 22-8 in Oslo (ENC 3A)
09.06.2001 Austria 51-7 in Oslo (WCQ Europe R1; FIRA Pool 2)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Norway 31st, Austria 33rd.

Prediction: Norway by 11 points.


Norwegian Squad
Pascal Raclin (Oslo RK)
Tim Langridge (Tønsberg RK)
Eivind Lunde (Stavanger RK)
Andreas Fyri (Oslo RK)
Johan Stoltz (Oslo RK)
Glenn Collins (Oslo RK)
Andrei Hanger (Cheltenham RFC, England)
Espen Engevik (Stavanger RK)
Francis Hunt (Oslo RK)
Stian Røstberg (Bergen RK)
Kristoffer Borsheim (Stavanger RK)
Haakon Stengrimsen (Holstebro RK)
Wesley Chibaya (Tønsberg RK)
Lewis Eaton (Stavanger RK)
Willie Wilson (Bergen RK)
Roger Yttervik (Tønsberg RK)
Knut Martin Bårnes (Stavanger RK)
Trent Rowan (Tønsberg RK)
Karl Frisch (Bergen RK)
Patrice Balauze (Oslo RK)
Fredrik Skovly (Oslo RK)
Neil Ryan (Tønsberg RK)
Head Coach: John Chappell

Austrian Squad
Valentin Branstetter
Johannes Dachler
Mathias Dachler
Mani Deihimi
Milad Farkondeh-Fal
Ludwig Fegerl
Andreas Gaul (Capt.)
Rudi Glock
Paul Hruschka
Jean-Barthelemy Jilibert
Christoph Kaltenböck
Alexander Krauchenberger
Thomas List
Patrick Maurer
Maximilian Navas
Wilfried Payer
Ferdinand Richter
Leonardo Schweighofer
Carli Simbruner
Maximilian Sonntag
Gert Waizer
Julian Zöchling

Head Coach: Gael Mouysset

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