Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rugby Fixture: Monaco v Bosnia Herzegovina

To be played at Stadium St Val d'Annaudin, Menton, near the tiny Principality of Monaco, situated in the sunny south of France. This match is not a 2011 World Cup qualifier.

Monacan rugby has had a chequred history in the European arena. Twice, in 2002 and again in 2006, Monaco was excluded from European rugby competition due to playing inelligible players in their teams. Hopefully this is all behind them. Monaco lost to Cyprus 10-19 in Nicosia last October in the 3D tournament on that island.

Bosnia Herzegovina lost the ENC 3C-3D playoff to Israel recently and will be doing all they can to climb back into ENC 3C. On paper they look to be a class above the other teams at this level.

Previous Encounter
1998 Bosnia Herzegovina won 22-16 (FIRA B)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Bosnia Herzegovina 38th, Monaco 41st.

Prediction: Bosnia Herzegovina by 21 points.


Monaco Squad
1 Martini
2 Hernandez
3 Debruyne
4 Maceli
5 Jamal
6 Scezure
7 Mendez
8 Pansier J
9 Mora
10 Rique
11 Peluhet
12 Karel
13 Trocello
14 Costanzo
15 Louppe
16 Foued
17 Marinx
18 Cabioch
19 Laletin
20 Pansier M
21 Degrande
22 Guasco
23 Steel
Coach: Eric Fauer

Bosnia Herzegovina Squad
S. Ajanovic (RC Celik Zenica)
J. Ajkunic (SVI Rudar Zenica)
A. Basic (RC Celik Zenica)
L. Beso (RC Celik Zenica)
D. Cerim (RC Celik Zenica)
B. Deljkic (RC Celik Zenica)
A. Hajric (French Club)
D. Jovanovic (Richmond OBRFC, England)
S. Kadic (Niort, France)
A. Kapic (RC Celik Zenica)
B. Kapic (French Club)
A. Karabegovic (RC Celik Zenica)
D. Keserovic (RC Celik Zenica)
E. Musinovic (RC Celik Zenica)
E. Pojskic (RC Celik Zenica)
D. Razic (RC Celik Zenica)
E. Selimbegovic (RC Celik Zenica)
A. Smriko (RC Celik Zenica)
S. Subasic (KRBK, Serbia)
S. Tufekcic (RC Celik Zenica)
E. Tuka (SVI Rudar Zenica)
S. Turcinovic (SVI Rudar Zenica)
A. Vehabovic( PAC Pontilier, France),
Z. Vidovic (Zagreb, Croatia)
A. Zadic (RC Celik Zenica)

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