Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Rugby Fixtures Ahead

Iran v Uzbekistan in Beshkek
Iran won the first match in this Asia Regional Tournament. They defeeated Krygyzstan 30-16 ast Sunday

Austria v Norway in Oslo (ENC 3B)

This will be Austria's first rugby test match of the season. Norway lost 15-26 to Hungary at home on 27 October.

Greece v Finland in Helsinki (ENC 3C)
This will be Greece's first rugby test of theseason. They were promoted from 3D last season. Finland to Luxembourg 19-27 at home last Saturday.

Monaco v Bosnia-Herzegovina in Menton (ENC 3D)
Monaco is playing its first game of the season. B-H recently lost to Israel 14-23 and thus were relegated to 3D for the next two years.

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