Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finland Rugby team v Luxembourg

15 Lauri Ylönen (Helsinki Warriors RC)
14 Matthew Jordan (Helsinki Warriors RC)
13 Antti Lammi (Jyväskylä RC)
12 Jaakko Vilen (Helsinki Warriors RC)
11 Lasse Sariola (Helsinki Warriors RC)
10 Thomas Finell (Helsinki Warriors RC)
9 Mikko Järvi (Tampere RC)
8 Petri Virrankoski (Tampere RC)
7 Jussi Latvala (Helsinki Warriors RC)
6 Erik Pekkola
5 Andras Devenyi (Helsinki RFC)
4 Lasse Simpanen (Helsinki Warriors RC)
3 Micke Holmstrom (Tampere RC)
2 Christian Skogholm
1 Timothy Sampson
16 Semu Salmivalli (Tampere RC)
17 Juha Rainvuori (Helsinki Warriors RC)
18 Stewart Reynish (Helsinki Warriors RC)
19 Sami Sarkki (Turku Eagles RFC)
20 Mauno Konttila
21 Steven Whittaker (Helsinki RFC)
22 Galen Rangiawha (Turku Eagles RFC)

Head Coach: Jerker Grader (Warriors)

Thanks to Heta Lampinen, Finnish RFU.

The players without club affiliations are new to the test side. Heta was unable to supply their clubs.


  1. Could somebody please tell me if #13 Antti Lammi was ever an exchange student to the USA (West Virginia)....

  2. Actually Finland beat Luxembourg by one point 11-10.