Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rugby Fixture: Brazil v Trinidad and Tobago

There is a lot hinging on the first leg of this America World Cup Qualifier. Trinidad and Tobago won the NAWIRA B tournament held in Cayman Islands in April, whilst Brazil defeated Paraguay in Asuncion to take the CONSUR B tournament. They clash to decide who will join Chile and Uruguay in the second round of America qualification test matches. Both countries went through a very similiar qualifying process in 2001-02 with Brazil just edging out the West Indians.

Previous Encounters
26.01.2002 Brazil 9-0 in Florianopolis (WCQ America R2, 2nd Leg)
22.12.2001 Brazil 11-10 in Port of Spain (WCQ America R2, 1st Leg)
11.11.1996 Trinidad and Tobago 41-0 in Port of Spain (WCQ America Rd A)

Prediction: Brazil by 7 points.


Brazil Squad
Jean-Marc Bolonha (São José RC)
Erick Cogliandro (São José RC)
Reges Comoreto (Desterro RC)
Christiano da Costa (São José RC)
João da Ros (Desterro RC)
Daniel Danielewicz (Desterro RC)
Rafael Dawailibi (São José RC)
Lucas Duque (São José RC)
Matheus Duque (São José RC)
Moisés Duque (São José RC)
Antônio Filho (Rio Branco RC)
Daniel Gregg (Niterói RFC)
Diego Lopes (Pasteur Athlétic Club)
Fernando Martins (São José RC)
Julian Menutti (Bandeirantes RC)
Ramiro Mina (Bandeirantes RC)
João Orioli Jnr (Pasteur Athlétic Club)
Giuliano Passini (Rio Branco RC)
Henrique Pinto (São José RC)
Fernando Portugal (Bandeirantes RC)
Leonardo Sarro (Curitiba RC)
Alexandre Spani (São José RC)
Rafael Strenger (Bandeirantes RC)
Head Coach: Pierre Paparemborde

Trinidad and Tobago Squad
Kirk Aanensen (Trinidad Northern RFC) *
Nigel Arismendez (Worthing RUFC, England)
Graeme Atkins (Caribs RFC)
Peter Bacchus (Caribs RFC)*
Abdre Cabrero (Caribs RFC)
Jason Clark (Caribs RFC)*
Andrew Crooks (Trinidad Northern RFC)
Felican Guerra (Royalians RFC) *
Carlton Felix (Royalians RFC) *
Kelson Figaro (Royalians RFC) *
Adam Fredericks (Capt.) (Trinidad Northern RFC)
Abdeel Giles (Caribs RFC)*
Flemming Glace (Royalians RFC)
Ade Innis-King (Trinidad Northern RFC)
Wayne Kelly (Havard RFC)*
Miguel Lara (Caribs RFC)*
Damian Martinez (Blaydon RUFC, England) *
Christopher Mitchell (Royalians RFC)
Jonathan O’Connor (Caribs RFC)
Kirk Quashie (Caribs RFC)*
Samuel Roberts (Caribs RFC)*
Donald Rojas (Caribs RFC)*
Selwyn St Bernard (Blaydon RUFC, England)
Adam Seedansingh (Trinidad Northern RFC)
Kidane Silverthorn (Rainbow Sports Club)*
Dexter Snaggs (Trinidad Northern RFC) *
James Walkin (Trinidad Northern RFC)
Head Coach: Rhett Chee Ping

*In T&T squad that defeated Guyana back in April.
Long-serving flyhalf Brendon O’Farrell is not in the squad.


  1. Hi guys!!
    Do you have the result of this game?

  2. Brazil won 24-12, they had won 31-8 abroad. Not yet we are going to see a Caribbean team at the World Cup finals.