Thursday, October 2, 2008

Luxembourg Rugby Team

Below is the Luxembourg team to play Finland in Helsinki, Saturday 4 October. Data is unfortunately incomplete.

Adrien Timmermans (CSCE) (1)
Nicholas Abel (New Cap)
Bond (New Cap)
Guido Chiementi (RC de Luxembourg) (7)
Stephan Clarke (4)
Julian Da Col (RC de Luxembourg) (7)
Decaris (?)
Evans (?)
Jon Flynn (RC de Luxembourg) (14)
Nicholas Geoffreys (RC de Luxembourg) (4)
Flavien Grimmer (New Cap)
Jonathon Harris (22)
Christophe Hoffman (RC de Luxembourg) (24)
Ronan Kuzac (1)
William Lafaysse (16)
Hugo Lippert (New Cap)
Christophe Narcisse (New Cap)
Glenn Nordahl (2)
Samman Rezapour (3)
Euan Rogers (CSCE) (4)
Nigel Sharplin (RC de Luxembourg) (25)
Steven Speciale (Walferdange DR) (15)
Coach: Martin Davis

Thanks to and 'Quentin'

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