Wednesday, October 1, 2008

European Nations Cup: Division 2A Ukraine v Poland

The European Nations Cup is a rugby competition played in 3 divisions. Division 2A is the tier below the first division. Held over two Northern seasons, the competition at this level is between Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic and Moldova. Poland was promoted from Division 2B whilst Czech Republic was relegated from the first division.

The competition also doubles as the first round of qualifying for the 2011 Rugby World Cup Europe Zone

The first match in the 2008-10 competition is between Ukraine and Poland and will be played in Lotz, Poland.

Last Five Encounters.
25.10.2003 Ukraine 24-13 in Lotz (ENC 2A)
19.10.2002 Poland 20-11 in Kiev (ENC 2A)
19.05.2001 Ukraine 9-3 in ? (FIRA Div.B)
01.05.1999 Ukraine 37-18 in Kiev (FIRA, Pool E)
16.05.1998 Ukraine 19-8 in Mosir (WCQ Europe, Round B, Pool 1)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Ukraine 16th, Poland 17th

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