Sunday, November 29, 2009

Test Rugby Results: Saturday 28 November

New Zealand 39, France 12 at Marseilles
Ireland 15, South Africa 10 in Dublin
Australia 33, Wales 12 in Cardiff
Argentina 9, Scotland 6 at Murrayfield
Fiji 29, Romania 18, in Bucharest
Italy 24, Samoa 6 in Ascoli
Tonga 24, Portugal 19 in Lisbon
Namibia 22, Tunisia 10 in Windhoek (WCQ Africa, Africa Cup; Final, 2nd leg)
Canada v Russia in Vancouver-being played

Ireland 'A' 31, Argentina 'A' 0 in Dublin (Tallaght Stadium)

We are seeing more and more the inconsistency of teams at the top level. France, the giant killer against South Africa, were simply totally outplayed by New Zealand. Watch out for this Kiwi side, with a number of newish players to international rugby. Are the All Blacks pacing themselves before the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

And now to South Africa. They have had a miserable northern tour. They are more like the French. Brilliant one game, awful the next. The same could be said of both Wales and Australia. Australia played well above what they've done so far on tour. Wales, probably affected by injuries, were outplayed early on in the match to concede huge lead. For both teams-great one week, poor the next.

Here we go with Scotland. Same again. Great against Australia last week, poor against Argentina this week. Argentina won a game on tour but really they have played well below what is normal for them. Their second team, the Jaguars, has also had a poor tour.

Fiji won their historic test in Bucharest. It was a good game by some accounts. Samoa, however, lost to Italy who has finally broken the winning drought. Tonga got one back for the southern hemisphere with its close win against Portugal.

Namibia secured a place in the 2011 Rugby World Cup as Africa 1 with a 22-10 win over Tunisia at home. Their 17 point overall aggregate showed their dominance over the North Africans.

I'm waiting for the Canada-Russia result.

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