Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rugby Test: Austria Desperate to Avoid Relegation

Norway v Austria in Vienna (ENC 3B)

Venue: Wiener Sportclub Stadion

Referee: Jelavic (Croatia)

Both teams will be desperate to win this test match as both are in danger of relegation. Austria is at the bottom of the table in Pool ENC 3B. In recent years Norway has held a slight advantage over their southern rival.

This pool has been an unpredictable one. Hungary and Slovenia are at the top of the table but Austria has defeated Slovenia whilst Norway defeated Denmark, who then defeated Hungary. The final result will see the strongest team standing. Despite the upsets it probably won't be either Norway or Austria.

Previous Encounters
11.10.2008 Norway 11-3 in Oslo (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3B)
26.04.2008 Drawn 3-3 in Vienna (ENC 3B)
09.06.2007 Norway 22-8 in Oslo (ENC 3B)
09.06.2001 Austria 51-7 in Oslo (WCQ Europe R1; FIRA Pool 2)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Austria 31st, Norway 33rd

Prediction: Norway by 4 points



Norway Squad
Patrice Balauze (Oslo RK)
Kristoffer Borsheim (Stavanger RK)
James Buncle (London Scottish RFC, England)
Wesley Chibaya (Tønsberg RK)
Andy De Vries (London Scottish RFC, England)
Alex Diessner (Stavanger RK)
Lewis Eaton (Stavanger RK)
Andrei Hanger (Cheltenham RFC, England)
Karl Harper (Oslo RK)
Neal Hughes (Stavanger RK)
Dave Hume (Bergen RK)
Francis Hunt (Oslo RK)
Stein Ove Kristensen (Trondheim RK)
Eivind Lunde (Stavanger RK)
Erlend Meldalen (OSI Rugby)
Andrew Olsen (London Scottish RFC, England)
Pascal Raclin (Oslo RK)
Neil Ryan (Tønsberg RK)
Stian Røstberg (Bergen RK)
Fredrik Skovly (Oslo RK)
Håkon Stengrimsen (Holstebro RK)
Roger Yttervik (Tønsberg RK)
Head Coach: John Chappell


Austria Squad
Dieter Albert
Musheg Aslanyan
Mottet Benoit
Johannes Dachler
Milad fal Farkondeh
Andreas Gaul
Rudi Glock
Alberto Gomez
Marius Johannik
Georg Kaiser
Michael Kerschbaumer
Martin Leidl
Jako Liska
Patrick Maurer
Max Navas
Wilfried Payer
Alexis Rigaud
Carli Sinnbruner
Yvan Wever
Amir Yassari
Rafa Yavala
Julian Zöchling
Head Coach: Gael Mouysset

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