Saturday, November 7, 2009

International Test Rugby: Azerbaijan Face Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina v Azerbaijan in Baku (ENC 3D)

Venue: Stadium Sythian

Referee: Poplavskiy (Ukraine)

B-H are in the lead in ENC 3D but Cyprus has a match in hand. Cyprus has already defeated B-H away and remain undefeated. B-H must win this game to keep up with Cyprus.

2009.10.10 B-H v Monaco2
Bosnia Herzegovina's defeated Monaco 52-5 last October. Image thanks to

Azerbaijan gave the Bosnians a huge fright this time last year. They took a depleted side to Bosnia, were expected to lose by 70 points or so but instead put up a huge fight against an obviously unmotivated and complacent side. I can't see the Bosnians allowing this to happen again.

2009.11.07 Azerbaijan v Bosnia-H
Image thanks to

Georgian Malkhaza Cheishvili assumed the position of Azeri head coach only a month ago. Azerbaijan injuries include lgare Gubadove and Muratkhane Farzalieve. Without the team lists its difficult to assertain the strength of the sides but I expect the Bosnians to win.

There is no relegation out of ENC 3D. This level is at the bottom of the European ladder. It is possible, according to the source below, that Turkey will take Slovakia's place in the 2010-12 ENC 3D.

Previous Encounters
22.11.2008 Bosnia Herzegovina 18-7 in Zenica (ENC 3D)
14.05.2006 Bosnia Herzegovina 28-7 in Zenica (ENC 3C)
30.04.2005 Azerbaijan 11-8 in Baku (ENC 3C)
16.04.2005 Bosnia Herzegovina 36-17 in Zenica (ENC 3C)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Bosnia Herzegovina 39th, Azerbaijan 41st

Prediction: Bosnia Herzegovina by 12 points.

Teams not yet available.

Azerbaijan Head Coach: Malkhaza Cheishvili.


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