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International Test Rugby: Namibia v Portugal

Namibia v Portugal in Lisbon

Venue: Estádio Universitário De Lisboa


Although this is not the first encounter between these two teams its the first in over ten years. The match is part of the IRB's push to engage more tier 2 and tier 3 nations during the November northern window of opportunity.

Namibia would be particularly pleased to have a warm-up game before they take on Tunisia in the first leg of the African Rugby World Cup Final position. Portugal, who are 3rd in the ENC 1, will be eager to show good form leading into Round 2 of ENC 1 and a place in the World Cup qualifiers. Namibia and Portugal may well meet further on down the qualifying track.

Namibia in action against Ivory Coast back in July. Image thanks to

Previous Encounters
23.01.1998 Namibia 36-19 in Lisbon
24.05.1991 Namibia 34-12 in Lisbon

It's been over ten years since these two teams last met.

GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-Portugal 18th, Namibia 22nd

Prediction: Portugal by 12


Heini Bock
Chrysander Botha (Kudus)
Jacques Burger (Northern Transvaal Bulls, SA)
Tinus du Plessis (Stellenbosch University, SA)
Jane du Toit
Nico Esterhuizen (Boland Cavaliers, SA)
Shaun Esterhuizen (Stellenbosch University, SA)
Robert Herridge (United Rugby Club)*
Hugo Horn (Rotherham Titans, England)
Eugene Jantjies (Farul Constanta, Romania)
Wacca Kazombiaze (Birmingham & Solihull, England)
Heinz Koll (Wanderers) *
Bradley Langenhoven
Kees Lensing (Castres, France)
Jacques Nieuwenhuizen (Aurillac, France)
David Philander
Johnny Redelinghuys (Kimberley Tech, SA)
McGrath van Wyk (Western Suburbs)
PJ van Lill
Renaud van Neel (University) *
Jurie van Tonder
Piet van Zyl (Boland Cavaliers, South Africa)
Tinus Venter
Marius Visser (Border Bulldogs, SA)
Brandon Walters (Western Suburbs)*
Emile Wessels (ACT Canberra, Australia)
Head Coach: John Williams

*New Caps
Unavailable injured- Godwin Walters, Jaco van Zyl and Jacky Bock


Eduardo Acosta (GD Direito) Age 31, 9 tests
António Aguilar (GD Direito) 31, 58
Pedro Cabral (CD University Lisboa) 26, 20
Pedro Carvalho (GD Direito) 25, 23 *
João Correia (GD Direito) 28, 44
Sebastião Cunha (OS Belenenses) ?, 13 *
Thomaz Da Costa (Lourdes, France) **
Gonçalo Foro (CD University Lisboa) 27, 16
Tiago Girão (CD University Lisboa) 24, 19
João Junior (CD University Lisboa) 23, 5
Lourenço Kadosh (AEIS Agronomia) 24, 4 *
Pedro Leal (GD Direito) 25, 33
David Mateus (OS Belenenses) 29, 30
Diogo Mateus (OS Belenenses) 29, 65
Frederico Oliveira (CD University Lisboa)
Salvador Palha (GD Direito) 25, 10
Duarte Cardoso Pinto (AEIS Agronomia) 27, 40
Emmanuel Rebelo (Dijon, France) **
Jorge Segurado (GD Direito) 25, 5
Juan Severino (AEIS Agronomia) 27, 23
Pedro Silva (OS Belenenses) 24, 7
Gonçalo Uva (GD Direito) 24, 41
João Uva (OS Belenenses) 29, 44
Vasco Uva (GD Direito) 26, 55
Hugo Valente (OS Belenenses) **
Head Coach: ... 708&id2=25
Data from

* Last played 2007-08
** New Cap
Missing: Jose Pinto, David Penalva, Cristian Spachuck

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