Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rugby Match: Uruguay Have Uphill Struggle

Uruguay v United States in Lauderhill (WCQ Americas R2; Playoff, 2nd leg)

Venue: Broward County Regional Park


United States won the first leg 27-22 last weekend and so have an aggregate 5 point lead. They have not made any changes to their starting lineup from last weekend. USA coach Eddie O'Sullivan (ex Ireland) explains.“With just a five- point spread between the teams we have to approach this game as a one-off final, As far as we are concerned the score is 0-0 with 80 minutes remaining. It’s all to play for.”

2009.11.14 USA v Uruguay
The USA won a tight struggle against Uruguay in the first leg. Image thanks to

Uruguay will struggle to win the away leg. They need to win by 6 points or more to gain the second America's place at the 2010 Rugby World Cup

Last Five Encounters
14.11.2009 USA 27-22 in Montevideo (WCQ Americas R2, Playoff, 2nd leg)
08.11.2008 USA 43-9 in Salt Lake City
07.10.2006 USA 33-7 in Stanford (WCQ America, Playoff, 1st leg)
11.10.2006 USA 42-13 in Montevideo (WCQ America, Playoff, 2nd leg)
30.08.2003 USA 31-17 in Buenos Aires (Pan American Series)

GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-United States 16th, Uruguay 23rd

Prediction: Uruguay does not have a good record away v USA. USA by 20 points.



United States
15. Chris Wyles (Saracens, England)
14. Takudzwa Ngwenya (Biarritz Olympic, France)
13. Paul Emerick (Parma FC, Italy)
12. Junior Sifa (Middleton RFC)
11. Kevin Swiryn (Old Puget Sound Beach RFC)
10. Mike Hercus (Sunshine Coast Stingrays, Australia)
9. Tim Usasz (Nottingham RFC, England)
8. Nic Johnson (Denver Barbarians)
7. Todd Clever (Golden Lions)
6. Louis Stanfill (New York Athletic Club)
5. Hayden Smith (Saracens, England)
4. John Van der Giessen (SC Albigeois, France)
3. Will Johnson (Oxford University, England)
2. Phil Thiel (Life University)
1. Mate Moeakiola (Pearl City RFC)
16. Brian McClenahan (Olympic Club)
17. Jacob Sprague (Mystic River RFC)
18. Alec Parker (Gentlemen of Aspen)
19. Jonathan ‘JJ’ Gagiano (FC Roma, Italy)
20. Mike Petri (New York Athletic Club)
21. Nese Malifa (Belmont Shore RFC)
22. Pate Tuilevuka (Provo Steelers)
Head Coach: Eddie O’Sullivan


Carlos Arboleya (Trébol)
Nicolás Brignioni (Oyonnax, France)
Juan Campomar (Old Boys)
Rodrigo Capo (Castres, France)
Alejo Corral (San Isidro Club, Argentina)
Juan De Freitas (Champagnat)
Martín Espiga (Old Christian's)
Jerónimo Etcheverry (Carrasco Polo)
Matías Fonseca (Los Cuervos)
Santiago Gibernau (Carrasco Polo)
Alfredo Giuria (Los Cuervos)
Juan Horta (Old Christian's)
Tomás Jolivet (Old Boys)
Juan Llovet (Old Christian's)
Manuel Martinez (Old Christian's)
Nicolás Morales (Trébol)
Joaquín Pastore, Capt. (Old Boys)
Carlos Protasi (Carrasco Polo)
Juan Rombys (Trébol)
Mario Sagario (Dax, France)
Rodrigo Sanchez (Carrasco Polo)
Alejandro Silveira (Los Cuervos)
Head Coach: Felipe Puig

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