Sunday, November 29, 2009

Test Rugby: Andorra Fights Against Relegation

Serbia v Andorra at Andorra La Vela (ENC 3A)

Venue: Camp del Consell.

Referee: Hoyer (Netherlands)

The promotion relegation race in this division is now on. Armenia's loss to Switzerland last weekend drew it back into the group most likely to produce the relegated team. Lithuania won this pool due to Armenia's defaulting that game.

Andorra is at the bottom of the table. They lost their test match against Serbia away in December last year. Since then they have defeated Armenia, who were thought to be a threat to the Lithuanians, but lost to Switzerland and Lithuania. They must win against Serbia to help their cause.

Serbia started the season with a disastrous 0-41 loss to Armenia, but recovered to defeat Andorra and then Switzerland twice. They must be favoured to win this match.

Previous Encounters
06.12.2008 Serbia 32-7 in Smederevo (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 3A)
04.05.2002 Yugoslavia 19-5 in Andorra La Vela (FIRA B, Pool A)
14.10.2000 Andorra 12-9 in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Europe R1; FIRA Pool 3)
04.05.1996 Yugoslavia 30-12 in Vrsac (FIRA B2)
20.05.2000 Andorra 9-3 in Split (FIRA C)

Note: Serbia was known as Yugoslavia to 2003.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Serbia 24th, Andorra 26th

Prediction: Serbia by 12


Andorra Logo

Andorra squad (to be reduced to 22)
Marc Abelló
Paul Alieu
Peter Ambor
Alex Ballesta
Miquel Barbolla
Jeremy Berrier
Albert Canturri
Antoni Carmona
Marcos Cellone
Óscar Corbalán
Benjamin Fajol
Joan Fité
Roger Fité
Roger Font
Jonathan Garcia
Bonaventura Gaset
Antony Gaulin
Marc Gispert
Josep Magallón
Didac Martínez
Frank Mitjana
Esteve Pérez
Jaume Rifà
Manu Sartí
Maxim Taurinyà
Nuno José Oliveira Teixeira
Iosif Txelidze
Xavier Vilasetrú
Head Coach: ... _PK=254&h= Thanks to ‘Quentin’ at


Serbia Squad
Dalibor Antić (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Nemanja Babić (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Uroš Babić (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Igor Dejanović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Aleksandar Đorđević (KBRK Belgrade
Srđan Doroški (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Vladimir Đukić (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Miloš Joksimović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Marko Kapor (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Nenad Matejić (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Marko Milosavljević (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Milan Orlović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Branimir Petrović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Aleksandar Petrović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Milan Rastovac (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Ivan Rodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Nemanja Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Nikola Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Dejan Tasić (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Branko Vojvodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Miladi Zivanov (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Miloš Zogović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Head Coach: Žagar Kristijan and thanks to ‘drugby’ at

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