Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Turkey will become the newest international test rugby side when they play a friendly against Slovakia this Sunday 29 April.


Slovakia is already a member of the international test rugby community. They play in the European Nations Cup, Division 3. This is the lowest level of test rugby in Europe so the Turks will have a good idea after the game where they stand. A good performance could see them invited into the European competition in 2012-14.

Turkey will play a second friendly against Estonia on May 12. Estonia is another emerging rugby nations yet to compete at international test rugby.

The Team
Murat Altun (Mutzig, France)
Gokhan Ceylan (Pontarlier, France)
Bahri Dagli (Goussainville-Gonesse, France)
Erkut Levent Durmus (Heidelberger RK, Germany)
Doğu Eroğlu (ODTÜ SK - Ankara)
Mehmet Akif Ersoy (Trakya Üniversitesi Ragbi - Edirne)
Kerim Galal (SC Germania, Germany)
Ertugrul Gunday (ODTÜ SK - Ankara)
Abdullah Gunes (ODTÜ SK - Ankara)
Kemal Ege Gurkan (ODTÜ SK - Ankara)
Tamer Celikbas James (Wessex RFC, England)
Necmi Kara (Strasbourg, France)
Koray Kaya (Samsun RK - Samsun)
Dinçhan Kilercioğlu (ODTÜ SK - Ankara)
Ramazan Kilickaya (Vichy, France)
Yavuz Kocaer (Samsun RK - Samsun)
Selçuk Kozlu (Samsun RK - Samsun)
Deniz Krom (Kadıköy RK - Istanbul)
Melikşah Kuzucu (Orleans, France)
Huseyin Sasmaz (Oyonnax, France)
Adem Selim (Samsun RK - Samsun)
Ali Bökeyhan Sürer (TB Rohrbach/Boxberg - Germany U18)

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Check out the healthy club competition here.

7 teams in Group A and 6 in group B.

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